Friday, September 30, 2016

Sabit Girl

Ito dapat ang role model ni MRT aka Upuan Girl eh.

Astig na ang mga babae ngayon noh !

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bulalo World Meal

Bulalo Noodles ,Tawilis and Saba Con Yelo : )

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Much has been said regarding the impact of an acidic body ph to one’s health particularly its connection with various diseases.

The body naturally creates acids as part of the digestive system or as a by-product of various metabolic processes. However, one’s body may experience over acidity due to factors like a diet rich in processed foods, stress, and other lifestyle factors. Chronic over acidity affects all the body’s cellular functions and is seen to contribute to cancer, heart disease, obesity, weight problems, allergies, fatigue and premature aging as well as problems with our nervous system, cardiovascular system and muscles.
To counteract the negative effects of over acidity, it is recommended that people adopt an alkaline diet and drink alkaline water.  Alkaline foods are foods that create an alkaline effect in the body regardless of their actual ph levels. This means that even food like lemons and limes actually have an alkaline effect on the body. Additionally, the alkaline diet involves limited consumption of meats, dairy products, white flour and white sugar which are very acidic. Instead, one should eat large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and soy products.
Apart from eating alkaline foods, drinking alkaline water can also play a major role in balancing one’s body ph. However, most conventional alkaline water is produced using electrolysis and ionizer based technology which involves passing electric current through water laced with chemical catalyst submerged with titanium or platinum plates. This process can create trace amounts of chemicals from the breakdown of the catalyst as well as trace amounts of metals from the plates.
At the same time, alkaline water produced using this artificial method has very short shelf lives. This is because the artificially induced alkaline effect wears off in a matter of days. At the same time, the alkaline water produced using electrolysis is also very sensitive to temperature fluctuations which makes storage difficult.
An alternative to this process is naturally infusing alkalinity into the water to mimic the same properties found in spring or pristine river water. Thanks to advances technology it is now possible to replicate this using nano-technology to infuse nano minerals into regular water to turn it alkaline. And it is this latest technological advance that is being used in Livingstream Nano Alkaline Water.
Livingstream is the latest concept by GQWEST Inc. the company behind the Aquabest water franchise. By looking back to nature and harnessing the latest in technology, the company envisions the concept as the future in drinking water. Utilizing cutting edge South Korean nanotechnology, Livingstream aims to provide everyone with safe, healthy, and life-changing water.
To produce alkaline water the natural way, Livingstream utilizes filters that contain alkaline nano minerals derived from seashells. When water passes through these filters these nano minerals are infused into the water. Since the nano minerals are derived from biological sources and are integrated into the water there is no risk of any contaminants and the ph level remains constant over long periods of time and regardless of temperature.
To ensure that the water is safe to drink, Livingstream also utilize nano silver to eliminate bacterial and viral contaminants in water. Silver has been used for centuries as an anti-bacterial and antiviral due to its ability to disrupt the cellular process of the contaminants thus killing them.
To introduce the concept to the public the company intends to unveil Livingstream for franchising at the 15th Franchise & Business Expo on October 14-16 at World Trade Center, Pasay City. To learn more about Livingstream Nano-Alkaline Water visit

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Readers Digest Contribution (Anecdote)

It was a pitchblack night. My friend and I were busy searching for my missing “ false teeth “ that I had  accidentally thrown out of the window of my house after cleaning and brushing it. It was thrown out in a very dark alley. With the help of a flashlight , we were desperately looking for the sorry dentures out in the alley. Sometime later , our neighbor Fred came and asked what are we searching for. My friend had a bright “ idea “ . He told Fred that what we are searching for was an 18 karat golden ring that my father gave to me. He added that “ your father would be very angry to you once he knew that you have lost the golden ring “ . He also said that the ring was worth 15,000 in pesos. So there we are , the three of us searching in the wide alley for my “ missing golden ring “ . After an hour of futile search, me and my friend decided to leave to go to the market to fetch some food because we were already hungry. Our neighbor stayed in the alley still searching. After an hour we came back with the food in tow. Alas , we were aghast to learn that our neighbor Fred was still there in the dark alley with his miserable flashlight looking and searching high and low for the “ missing 18 karat golden ring “ that my friend had told him. Of course we knew the truth . We just laughed it all off and call it “ The Night of the Missing Ring “ .  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

DVD Marathon

At dahil mahal ang bayad sa sine at traffic din papuntang sinehan. .... DVD marathon na lang ako sa bahay .... Komportable na wala pang pamasahe at libre snacks pa ... Super linaw pa ang pirated na kopya he he he : )

Saturday, September 17, 2016


I like their Jack Daniels Special : )

hindi sa akin ang picture na ito , nadampot ko  lang sa Google

akin po  ito he he 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Florence House of Bagnin

Bagnin means Bagoong at Kanin .

Ang kanin nila ay may halong bagoong , maliliit na hipon ,  a strip of egg and meat toppings .

That is the original Bagnin by Florence.

Originally by delivery and orders lamang sila but now ay may physical store na sila sa Basement Food Court in Santa Lucia East Grand Mall .

Try it and have a taste of authenticity and originality .