Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TH sa English

Nag-away ang magsyotang TH sa English.

GF: Connect me if I’m wrong, I saw you with your another!

BF: I’m sick of tired! You always this and that!

GF: Keep you mouth shock!

BF: Ha?! Why seal my lips with silence?!

GF: Stock up! Give me alone! I need time and outer space from you! 

BF: OK! I hope you don’t mine, I am go! I will provide your inner space and the time of your life!

GF: Where you go from here and eternity?

BF: I need to be back my home!

GF: Hey! Don’t back me!

BF: No worry you! I shall go be back, now and forevermore! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Discolamon - Banda Ni Kleggy

Napapaindak naman ako sa disco dancing melody ng song na ito.

At  funny rin ang video huh.

Panuorin ang video dito :

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Aegis BPO Malaysia viral ad belittles The Philippines

I have seen this video ad of Aegis BPO belittling my country The Philippines.

I just can't help to wonder why would this BPO company would resort to an advertisement that would belittle another country in which they also have a site.

I have become a part of Aegis People Support here in The Philippines where I was assigned in their Ortigas Center  branch for a ramp season schedule in connection with their 1800flowers account.

No bad memories for this BPO site in Ortigas, only good ones.

And now this news.

Now they are in the center of the news receiving bashes and negative comments from the netizens.

Which makes me sad for my former company.

And made me missed my fellow co-workers there especially Mam Ghek ( hello there Mam )

Anyhow this viral video was made by Aegis BPO Malaysia and has nothing to do with Aegis BPO in The Philippines.

Watch the viral video here:


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014

Before and After

ang laki ng ipinagbago niya ha ha ha ... the miracle of science or is it just a farce ?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's not a rape ...

Sobrang sensitive naman na ng mga madlang pipol ngayon.

Umani ng batikos sa mga netizens ang isang printed shirt na inilako ng SM Department Store na may ganitong kataga.

Kaya naman agad itong ipinull-out ng SM sabay labas ng apology letter.

Baka hindi lang nila alam ang ibig sabihin ng word na " snuggle "

Ako rin nga ay hindi ko rin alam ito kaya look ako kay Mareng Webster.

Heto pala ang ibig sabihin niya :


 verb \ˈsnə-gəl\
: to lie or sit close together in a comfortable position
: to place (something) close to or against someone or something

At nang aking si-nearch ang world wide web , sari-sari palang mga messages ang may mga ganito ring kataga.

Take a look :

Pasintabi sa mga biktima ng rape , but then nakuha ko lang po ito sa internet.

And I do not intend to demean or make fun of those rape victims.

Chillax lang po tayo.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dragon Fruit

Bigla naman akong nag-crave sa exotic fruit na ito simula nang makita ko ito sa Secret Garden of Doris sa Antipolo City.

First time ko makakita ng puno nito sa loob ng sikretong hardin ni Mam Doris na bunga pala ng isang cactus plant ( na akala ko nuong una ay bunga ng isang mataas na puno )

I was so amazed na ninais kong makatikim nito eversince.

And then one clear  and moonlit night of August , my craving ends when one of my friend , Bong of Fairview , offered me with a plate of  purplish servings of this fruit.

At last natikman ko na siya.

And in fairness , masarap siya at malasa.

Especially if it's cold and comes directly from the ref.

Parang papaya ang texture niya with a twist in color na medyo watery din.

But Bong cautioned me that medyo nakakamantsa sa tela ang katas ng fruit na ito na purplish ang color.

Kaya huwag daw kaming kumain duon sa elegant sofa bed niya dahil baka daw mamantsahan.

Ang ending , duon kami sa kaniyang exotic garden lumafang ng exotic fruit na ito.

What a romantic August night .

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gimme Five

May bago na akong mga pantasya.

Ang mga teen members ng Gimme Five.

Namely :
John Emmanuel Bermundo
Brace Henry Arquiza 
Joaquin Lucas Miguel Reyes

Grae Cameron Garcia Fernandez

Eign Zackrey  Nash Victoriano Aguas

Move over na kina Jhake Vargas and Daniel Padilla.

Heto na ang mga bagets na magpapatambling sa inyo .

Tse !

Sunday, September 21, 2014

7 Types of Friendships Everyone Has

Got this from Rappler.com and would like to share to you my dear readers.

Read on :

'We all have that one friend who...' From true friends to friendzone, social media users share the different friendships that they have
Rappler Social Media Team
Updated 1:19 PM, Jul 30, 2014
MANILA, Philippines – "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are."
It's the hard truth, but the people you choose to keep in your life do become the scale on which the world will judge you by. Whether uplifting or destructive, you choose the friends you keep.
To celebrate the International Day of Friendship, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to tell us what types of friendships they have in their lives. Here are the most common ones:
True friends
The mother of all friendships, these are essential people who make the daily grind called life easier to survive. They just get you and always know exactly what to say or do to make you crack up, break down in tears, and even question your most well-analyzed life choices.
Your brother-from-another-mother, your soulmate, your best friend. The ones you're sure will laugh when you trip, but who will also treat your wounds after they help you up.
No matter if they started off as that one person you swore to destroy or if you just clicked right off the bat, you know they have now become people you can't see yourself without.
Feeling close
Hey, they just met you and this is crazy, but now they have your number, so they'll call you...ceaselessly.
These people make you realize that you do in fact have a sense of personal space and some boundaries. When they walk into the room, you can feel their eyes zone in on you and – as they make a bee-line straight to where you're standing – you wonder why this person you've only known for an hour is acting like they know all your deepest secrets.
They make you feel like a bad person because all they clearly want is so desperately to be your friend, but there you are, unable to reciprocate. Don't feel bad, though, because every group has one. If you've never met anyone like this...well...
We all tease our friends about treating us to a free meal and we've all been teased the same way. But there are a few people who would actually hand over their bill at the end of the meal.
User-friendly relationships come in many shapes and packages: please-help-me-with-my-homework, can-I-borrow-your-favorite-skirt-again, thanks-for-the-invite-what-time-are-you-picking-me-up, and all the old favorite lines that make you feel more like a mother-butler than a friend.
Why do we keep these people around? Maybe we've all got a little bit of a hero complex and it just feels good to be needed, maybe they're smooth as heck, or maybe the feeling is just mutual.
Virtual friends
These are the people who you met online because they stumbled upon your pathetic excuse for a blog and decided you were cool enough to talk to.
They usually share your sentiments about your favorite show, celebrity, or issue and have their own blog filled with like-minded gems that you both could talk about for hours and hours and hours.
You could see yourself being really close friends with these people and everything seems perfect. The only catch is that they live on the other side of the world.
If you've got a frenemy, you know that all those teen-angst dramas filled with backstabbing and plastic smiles are based on true stories.
These are the people you pretend to like for one reason or another but deep down you're just waiting for them to cross a line so you can unleash the Kraken upon them and finally have the revenge you've been secretly plotting.
Of course, even if they do cross a line, you probably won't blow up at them because you are the better person. Also because you just love to hate them so you keep them around.
Friends with benefits
A seemingly innocent 3 am text appears, telling you to come over so you can hang out. But you know nothing innocent will be happening once you get there.
These are people with whom you have a special relationship. No, not in the way where you love them so much you want to shout it out from the rooftops. We're talking the kind where you lust after them so much you'll be screaming at the start of your climax.
For all sorts of reasons, despite your obvious sexual chemistry, both of you agree that you can't head into a real relationship. You're just not each other's priority. You have your fun but there are no strings attached...after all, you are just friends.
Ah, the friendzone. Home to a significant amount of the world's bitter and forever alone population.
You finally muster up the guts to tell THE ONE how much you've always loved them and want to take your relationship to the next level but their reply ranges from a "k" to a "I'm so so sorry. I truly do love you but not in the same way. You've always been like a friend to me. I hope this doesn't ruin anything. I'd hate to lose a friend like you."
Nobody is quite sure which of their flirtations got them booted into the friendzone to begin with but – once you're there – you may as well build a house with your unrequited feelings because you'll be living there alone forever.
It may seem unfair to be judged based on a panel of your peers but there is some truth to it because – let's face it – it takes two to tango and the bonds you make say a lot about you.
So be careful who you are friends with because, for better or for worse, they will shape your life. – Rappler.com

Saturday, September 20, 2014

ENLARGE daw oh

 Nagulantang at shock factor ang lolah moh nang aking buksan ang aking email at ito ang tumambad sa akin :

ENLZARGEo         YOUR              PENÌS  TODAY

www.нквт.рф?Out that god is taking

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Family in Purple

Taken during our Valdez Family Reunion.

Oh 'di ba , parang mga ube lang he he he:

mukhang tag-iisangdaan he he he

The Color Purple - meaning money 

guwapo't magaganda ba he he he

common denominator ? bundat  he he he

Thursday, September 18, 2014

On Kris Aquino , Ai Ai Delas Alas , Jamvhille Sebastian and Cedric Lee et al ...

1.) On Kris Aquino giving bestfriend Boy Abunda a Hummer car as a 
gift after recovering from a disease - a nice gesture actually , but then 
it doesn't have to be a car. Bakit kung sino pa yung mayayaman na at 
marami nang kotse ay siya pang nireregaluhan ng mas marami pang 
sasakyan. Poproblemahin pa ni Sir Boy ang garage para diyan huh. 
Maraming pasyente sa PGH ang ni walang nagreregalo kahit isang
bulok na prutas huh !

2.) On Ai Ai Delas Alas flaunting her newfound 20 year old boyfriend from Dela Salle - a
gap of 30 year January - December affair . Here we go again. Wala ka
na ba talagang kadala-dala Ai Ai ? Pagbigyan ang trip mo, basta sa
susunod huwag kang lalabas ulit sa TV huh dahil inumbag ka na
naman ng boylet mo . Umay na kami sa mga drama mo.

3.) On Jamvhille Sebastian wanting to have the latest brand new
Iphone 6 in the midst of his battle against cancer - Ipon para sa Iphone
Wala namang masama per se , yun nga lang wrong timing siguro.
Dapat unahin muna ang mga gamot para sa sakit mo kesa sa luho.

4.) On the recent bailout of Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz - nakangiti pa ang
ungas . Parang sinasabi sa publiko na " kita n'yo gaano kadali mauto at
tapalan ang justice system natin ? Wala daw ebidensya ? Eh ano ang
tawag n'yo sa mga kuha ng CCTV camera , mas malinaw pa sa araw na
ebidensya iyan huh! O baka naman natapalan ng pera ang mga mata
ng lady judge na humawak nito kaya hindi niya makita ang mga
ebidensya sa CCTV footage ?