Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Saint Pope John Paul II and Saint Pope John XXIII

Kaisa ang espasyong ito sa pagdiriwang at pagbubunyi ng Simbahang Katoliko sa paghirang sa mga bagong Santo na sina Pope John Paul II ( Karol Jozef Wojtyla sa tunay na buhay ) at Pope John XXIII ( Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli sa tunay na buhay ).

May mga kritiko din ang nasabing paghirang na ito sa dalawang Papa katulad ng sinasabing minadali ito dahil sa pressure mula sa ilang makapangyarihang pamunuan  gayundin ang mga kontrobersya at eskandalo sa buhay ni Pope John Paul II na sinasabing hindi karapat-dapat na maging Santo , subalit natuloy din ang inaabangang pagka-kanonisa upang maging ganap silang Santo ng Simbahang Katoliko.

Makasaysayan din ang nasabing kanonisasyon dahil ito ay pinangunahan ng dalawang buhay na Santo Papa , a first in church history ang nag-resign na si  Pope Benedict XVI at ang kasalukuyang si Pope Francis, ang paglalagak sa dalawang Santo Papa upang maging ganap na binanal .

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Obama in Manila

Barack Obama is in the house.

Finally , the revered Obama visited and landed in Manila last April 28 and 29 , 2014.

They say that the Eagle has landed and met with the Bald Eagle ( President Noynoy Aquino ) he he he.

It is said that , The Eagle ( Barack Obama ) was welcomed at the airport by several personalities in the Philippine politics like Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa , Vice Prsiedent Jejomar Binay and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas .

Question : What kinds of eagle are these three Philippine personalities?

May I say that Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa is the Gold Eagle.

Vice President Jejomar Binay can be the Pygmy Eagle or maybe a Black Eagle.

And DILG Secretary Mar Roxas might be the Monkey Eating Eagle ( because he can probably eat those monkeys(?) at a recent golf club altercation )


Enjoy ; )

Monday, April 28, 2014

Swimming Time Part 2 : Water Wonder Resort ( Overnight )

As promised, here is the Part 2 of Swimming Time ngayong Tag-Init 2014 .

This time , kami naman ng mga friends ko ang umeksena sa Water Wonder Resort in Antipolo City :

Rommel and Arjay

naalala ko dito 'yung name ng anak ni Popeye he he

Go , Mommy Erns

Watch out for parts 3 and 4 and 5 sa Real , Quezon , Bosay Resort at isa pang resort still unnamed scheduled by June .

Walang sawa sa swimming !

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blogapalooza 2013 : Recap Sights and Sounds

Share ko lang itong Youtube video ng Blogapalooza 2013 Recap Sights And Sounds in which I became a part.

Just two words : Free and Fun ; )

This year ulit ay kitakits sa Blogapalooza 2014 : )

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Apocalypse Project

The Apocalypse Project: Imagined Futures is a speculative design exhibition that explores possible lifestyles as climate change continues to affect the planet. It aims to empower the public to embrace climate change as a personal challenge through the following exhibit areas:
  • T.E.M.P.S (The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store) presents: The Smell Bar of Vanishing Scents
  • Climate Change Couture: Volume 2, Manila
  • The Fadelist: Tracks of Endangered Sounds
  • The Climatoscope: Futurescapes of Planet Earth
  • The Planetary Poetry Board
Click on the link for access to The Apocalypse Project PRESS KIT >>

If you are available on opening day tomorrow, April 25, do join us for a special MISSION APOCALYPSE activityTo further enhance the exhibition experience, guests with tickets can go on a scavenger hunt mission throughout the museum’s exhibits. The first 500 participants to complete all tasks of the mission get an Apocalypse Badge as Commander of the Apocalypse, defender of the future.

How do we prepare for the uncertainties that climate change brings? We imagine it.

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

LSS ngayon lang.

Late discovery he he .

I'm so , soooooo  late.

Nasa'n bang planeta ako nung sumikat ito. 

A Thousand years by Christina Perri :

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Swimming Time Part 1 : Makiling Highlands Resort

Dahil nanggigigil na si Haring Araw sa kaniyang walang habas na paghahasik ng init at alinsangan sa buong kapuluan ng tropikal na bansang Pilipinas , swimming swiming din 'pag may time .

Ang here is the first of a series of  swimming time together with my family and friends.

First stop : Makiling Highlands Resort in Calamba Laguna last April 17, 2014:

at a tree house

parang si Dhalsim ha ha

pahingi po ng limos

sarap humilata dito

rows of private rooms

Mediterranean style

the entrance

parang Lion Welcome sa Baguio ang peg

medyo bad boy

haba ng hair ni Sister Makiling

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.san

Yes I was born with a tanned skin tone.

Typical of a  Filipino brown skin.

According to a myth , when God is cooking ( or should I say boiling ? )  the people to have their desired skin tone to come out of them after cooking ( boiling ? ) , the brown  skinned people came out just naturally and fair.

Not undercooked like those of White People.

And not overcooked like those of Black People.

And so the myth goes. 


But let us move on , I am not here to talk about Racial Skin Color Discrimination or other issues like that.

Let's not waste these precious pages tackling nonsense issues like that.

What I want to point out here is that more and more brown skinned people ( like me ) are now opting to become more whiter in skin tone than they used to be.

That is why Glutathione sells like hotcake after its introduction to the market as an effective  skin whitening agent.  
And the obssession with Glutathione had begun. 

What with all those who want to become more whiter than they really are, the hype had begun and starts conquering us all . 

But what's with the hype of being white?

Let me enumerate some points :

1.) Being white is much cleaner to see.

2.) You look  more refreshing.

3.) You seem smells good.

4.) More appealing.

5.) You look bright and happy.

And the craze for becoming much whiter has started.

So why not me join the bandwagon too.

Am I to be left out in the dark  ?

Of course not.

But wait,  there is this other alternative which is far more effective in terms of skin whitening issues.

And this is not Glutathione.

The name is Kojic Acid.

Ever heard of it?

The formula is originally from Japan.

Like what good 'ol Wikipedia had written : Kojic acid is a chelation agent produced by several species of fungi, especially Aspergillus oryzae, which has the Japanese common name koji.

And for its application , Wikipedia added :  Kojic acid may be used on cut fruits to prevent oxidative browning, in seafood to preserve pink and red colors, and in cosmetics to lighten skin. As an example of the latter, it is used to treat skin diseases like melasma.[5] Kojic acid also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Did you see that bolden , italicized and underlined phrase that Wikipedia had imparted upon us.  

It is used in cosmetics to lighten our skin.

And not just that , it has an antifungal and antibacterial properties reiterated by Wikipedia nonetheless. 

So , enough with my runaround.

What do I really wanted to point out?

It's because there is this brand of Kojic Acid skin whitening formula that comes originally from Japan.

And the name is

And may I just add :

  • Kojie.san is the first kojic acid soap to be commercially available in the Philippine market.

  • Kojie.san has a micro peeling effect, which makes it a potent whitening product.

  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals.

  • It contains antioxidants and 100% all natural ingredients.

Now , there's a lot of shaking going on around here.

With lots and lots of fake entities riding on the acclaimed fame and popularity of using Kojic Acid soap as an effective skin whitening agent , you must be very sure and wary that you are not using a fake or a cheap imitation of this great and marvelous product.

Because there are several of them bogus marketers and advertisers using the popularity and effectiveness of Kojic Acid.

In your special skin care system , you should only choose the original , the natural , the tried and tested brand that will achieve your goal of becoming more whiter than ever before.

For if you use the wrong ones or the fake ones as an agent in your skin care regime, you might end up not achieving your dream of  white skin  tone a realization.

Instead of this.

You might end up like this .

So be aware and use only the original.

Don't patronize any other brand than the original.

The best there is.

Next to nothing.

Trust no other brand than 

It is simply the best skin whitening soap in the market today.  






Tuesday, April 22, 2014

" ...ang hindi na ginagamit , ibenta mo na ... "

Natawa naman ako dito :

 Excuse me po , ang Sulit ay OLX na ngayon ( why the sudden name change ? )

Eh may bibili  naman ba niyan , eh wala nang silbi 'yan he he he.

Lalangawin lang 'yan sa Sulit este OLX pala !

Monday, April 21, 2014

Rolis Bakeshop Napoleones from Bacolod City

Pasalamat ako sa aking ever reliable and trusted bestfriend na si Fred Domingo dahil sa kaniyang pasalubong sa aking Napoleones delicacy straight from the City of Smiles that is Bacolod City .

Ngayon lang ako nakatikim ng native treats na ito and it tastes heaven and yummy , promise .

This was made by Rolis Bakeshop na isa sa mga pioneer na gumagawa ng mga Napoleones mula sa Bacolod.

Thank you my  longtime friend.