Thursday, October 31, 2013

dukot dukot din 'pag may time


 ha ha walang ipinagbago 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pinoy Bloggers Outreach Charity Bazaar 2013

Nagkasundo kaming mag-join forces ng kaibigang blogger na si Binibining Melanie ng Todo Sa Bongga upang dumalo sa Charity Bazaar ng grupong Pinoy Bloggers Outreach last October 27 sa Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Past 11 ay nag-meet na kami ni Bb. Melanie sa Tropical Hut Circle .

Starstrucked ako sa kaniya sa unang kita pa lang dahil sa kaniyang kagandahan , naman  ; )

First time kasi namin  itong mag-meet ni Bb. Melanie although matagal na kaming online friend sa blogworld.

After nang kaunting chikahan ay hinanap na namin kung saan ang venue ng charity bazaar.

Kalokah , dahil halos malibot na namin ang buong Circle yata ay hindi pa namin matagpuan ang booth nila.

Sorry naman dahil hindi ko man lang natanong kung saan banda ang booth nila eh ang laki pala ng Circle na iyan ha ha ha .

At last after ng ilang minutong pakikipag-patintero kay Haring Araw at  pakikipag-tug-of-war kay malamig na Hanging Amihan natagpuan din namin sila sa hilera ng mga tiyangge malapit sa mga carnival rides .

We approached the staff and gladly found that nanduon pala si  Christian Edward Dee or Senyor Iskwater sa blogging world.

Nice to meet him finally.

Sobrang warm naman ang pag-welcome nila sa amin.

With the other organizers and leaders of the said Charity Organizations like Arline Matulac and their company.

grabbed from Ms. Melanie
It's nice to know na mayruong ganitong organizations na may adhikain or goal to outreach or help those who are in need in whatever way they they can  .

We opted to donate some pre-loved items as well to the organization.

Gusto rin sana naming ma-meet ang blogger na si Glentot of WICKEDMOUTH to secure a copy of his recently published and much talked about book Wickedmouth : Unang Putok kaso he is nowhere to be found .

Medyo ngarag pa daw sa puyat he he he .

But , luckily we have met him somewhere in Trinoma and finally secured a copy of his book .

Sa ibang araw naman ang kuwento tungkol dito : )

Thank you to Ms. Melanie dahil sa pagsama sa akin kahit last minute na ang invitation ko .

Todo ka talaga sa bongga  Ms. Melanie , in and out .

And to Pinoy Bloggers Outreach , keep up the good work .

God bless us all !

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Coke at Tubig

BF and GF nag uusap :

GF: Kung magiging inumin ako , ano ako para sa iyo?

BF: Hmmm, siyempre Coke para espesyal.

BF: Eh ako, ano naman akong klaseng inumin para sa iyo?

GF: Ano pa eh di tubig.

BF: Ouch naman ! Siya Coke dahil espesyal , ako tubig lang?! Wala ngang lasa ang tubig eh!

GF: Hindi sa ganun. Kaso ang Coke minsan mo lang dapat iniinom, kasi hindi healthy. At saka mabubuhay naman ako ng walang Coke eh. Pero ang tubig araw-araw ko kailangan at higit sa lahat, isa 'yun sa pinaka-importanteng bagay na ikinabubuhay ko parang " IKAW "
 Yun naman pala eh ! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Jugs Jugueta, Teddy Corpuz and Karylle: It's Showtime's " Magpasikat " 4th Anniversary Presentation 2013

Natapos na ang mga anniversary presentations ng mga hosts and presenters ng programang It's Showtime para sa kanilang 4th Anniversary last week .

At ang itinanghal na nanalo ay ang performances nila Jugs Jugueta , Teddy Corpuz at Karylle na rewinded version ng theme song ng programa .

Ang galing lang at ang lakas makabilib .

Ang hirap kaya nuong gawin huh .

At biglang naalala ko lang yung backmasking na ginagawa namin nuon sa church he he .

Na akala mo ay parang waley at walang kuwenta ang kanilang pine-perform nuong una , pero nuong i-rewind na at ipakita ang totoong version nito ay saka mo malalamang napakagaling pala ng pagkakagawa huh .

Congrats to the team at mabuhay ang pamilya ng It's Showtime .

Dito ang nakakabilib na video :

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chinito - Yeng Constantino

Bet na bet ko itong bagong single ni Ateng Yeng dahil ...

.... equally like ko rin ang mga Chinito he he he ( Feeling kilig )

Ewan , pero ang lakas ng appeal sa akin kapag medyo singkit at namumungay ang mga mata hi hi hi.

At ang video nitech ay appealing din dahil ang pantasya ng bayan na si Enchong Dee ang featured artist which is Chinito in every inch of his eyes .

Hmmm , may napansin lang ako.

Hindi pala masyadong marunong sumayaw si Enchong ah. Parang awkward siya gumalaw eh , at least dito sa videong ito .

Mas graceful pa kumilos sa kaniya si Yeng huh.

Dito na nga ang video :

Saturday, October 26, 2013

" Pope Benedict Comes Out As Gay "

Hep hep hep , huwag maging hysterical.
It's not official.

And it's not  true.

But I have chosen to share it because I find it amusing , no more , no less .

I don't intend to offend anyone's sensibility  especially the Catholic Church , but it's just some gossip news  which has some bite in it.

Just like my B.I.T.E.S. he he he.

Ang lakas lang maka-scandalize ang peg noh!

Just take a read :

Pope Benedict Comes Out as Gay

Feb 28, 2013
popesPope Benedict XVI announced today that he has resigned his papacy because he is gay and "could no longer live a lie."
In a statement released to Italian news media the 85-year-old departing pontiff says he is relieved to be coming out after eight decades in the closet and urged the Catholic Church and other faiths to accept homosexuality as a natural part of God's creation.
"Like many gay Catholics, I have been forced for too long to choose between my faith and my identity," the statement reads. "My profound love for my beloved church compelled me to lie to myself and to my fellow believers about a basic component of my humanity.
"I deeply regret that deception. I have not been honest with the Church, and for that reason I decided that I could not continue my role as leader of the world's one billion Catholics.
"Now that I have been liberated of this secret, I wish to express my belief that homosexuals are equal in the eyes of God. I beseech the Catholic Church to reconsider its ban on gay clergy and become a leading force in the struggle for gay rights."
<a href="" target="_blank"> <img src="" border="0" alt=" "/> </a>
Gay the Pray Away
Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation on Feb. 11, becoming the first pontiff since the Middle Ages to resign his post. His stated reason was to retire before the ravages of old age left him unable to complete his duties.
Yet rumors have been swirling in Rome since the announcement that the decision instead had something to do with homosexuality at the Church's highest levels.
There have been newspaper reports of a secret "gay conclave" within the Vatican that visited local prostitutes and was thereafter blackmailed.
But there has been no indication that the scandal touched the pope himself, and today's news has come as a surprise to most following the story.
Benedict resigns his papacy today, and will technically cease his duties as pope at 8 p.m. Central European Time. It had been anticipated that he would continue on as a "Pope Emeritus," but given the Church's ban on homosexuality his future role is now unclear.
Say it Ain't So Joe
Reaction to the Pope's statement has ranged from shock to excitement to despair. Some conservative figures in the Catholic Church have even expressed outrage at the move, suggesting Benedict should have remained in the closet.
"Look everyone knows that the only people who sign up for a lifetime of living in all-male dormitories with no possibility of marriage are gay men," says Phyllis Gates, a conservative Catholic blogger. "But why did he have to actually say it? Denial was working so well for us."
However for Rick Santorum, one of America's most prominent anti-gay Catholic politicians, denial is still alive and well.
"I don't believe him," Santorum says from his home in Washington, D.C. "Homosexual activists have clearly compromised Pope Benedict through blackmail or brainwashing or some sort of queer subterfuge.
"He's not gay. He can't be gay. That's just not possible. He's just pretending for some reason. And it's my job to figure out what that reason is."
Pride and Joy
While Santorum is looking for evidence of a gay conspiracy, however, LGBT activists are celebrating the Pope's pro-gay rights message.
"It's heartening to see a leading person in the Catholic Church finally take a stand for equality," says Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign. "The church has hitherto been one of the most powerful anti-gay rights organizations in the world.
"Although it's a shame that he was forced out because of his orientation, we're all hoping that Pope Benedict's words of tolerance will resonate with people of faith around the world."
Gay Catholic blogger Andrew Sullivan, who speculated yesterday about a homosexual relationship between Pope Benedict and his personal aide, was phlegmatic towards the news.
"I wish I could take some credit, but honestly anyone could have predicted this. No women, fabulous hats, and Prada shoes? This is the gayest institution in the world."

Friday, October 25, 2013


At last , an invitation from Blogapalooza event which will be happening this coming  November 16 at SM Aura in Taguig City.

I am one of the lucky first 150 invited blogger guests to join the biggest event in the blogging world at this side of metropolis.

I will be joining hundreds and more of fellow bloggers which will all flock to the said event and will be witnessing live product demonstrations from their invited sponsors and endorsers.

I really believe that this will be a great experience for me because this is gonna be my first time to attend this fabulous and exciting event of a lifetime . 

 At any rate , I am also inviting other fellow bloggers to still register at the Blogaplooza's site here 

to become a part of this once in a lifetime event for this year.

And also , invitations are forwarded for those companies , businesses and product endorsers to sign up to this event and have the chance to present and demonstrate your thingamajigs to thousands of participants and get the chance to be represented by all of the blogger attendees .

So what are you waiting for , sign up and be counted !

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Arin Andrews and Katie Hill - Love Knows No Boundaries

Share ko lang ito from  

Ang ganda kasi ng love story nila kaya share share din 'pag may time .

Heto ang istorya :

Love knows no boundaries. This saying has been proved true for the young couple Arin Andrews and Katie Hill. The couple met two years before at a support group for transgender teenagers, the two teenagers fell for each other through the story of their shared experiences.

Back then, Andrew was a girl named Emerald. In June, Andrew, who is 17, got his breasts removed as he had always felt that they did not belong to him. After the operation, he claims to feel much comfortable in his skin and is glad that he can wear tank tops, go to public pools, weight lift and lead a normal life, without being the center of attention. 

On the other hand, Katie Hills, who was a boy, named Luke two years back also went through surgical procedure to change her gender.

The last two years have been very difficult for the teenagers. Katie was bullied at school, and Arin had to change to a different high school when he revealed he was transgender, and has lost friends in the process. 

But now they both are happy together, Andrew is grateful to Hills and his family for all the support and love.

Now their outward transformation is complete, the teenagers hope people will accept them as their new genders, and their difficulties will become a thing of the past.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anak - New version by Lolo Freddie Aguilar

Nung isilang ka sa mundong ito 
Kasing tanda ko ang magulang mo 
At ang mukha't kamay ay kulubot na 

At ang Nanay at Tatay mo 
'Di malaman ang gagawin
'Pagkat anak nila'y may syotang tanding


Ngayon nga ay malaki ka na 
Inaaswang nitong si Lolo  
'Di man sila payag walang magagawa

Ikaw nga ay biglang nagbago 
Pumatol ka sa lolo mo
At ang tanong nila :
" Ba't ka nagkaganyan ? "

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bohol and Cebu Earthquake 2013

Niyanig at nilumpo ng napakalakas na Magnitude 7.2 na lindol ang halos buong Visayas Region na ang pinakasentro ay nasa Bohol nitong nakaraang  Martes .

Ang sabi ay halos kasing-lakas ito ng 32 atomic bomb na ibinagsak nuon sa Hiroshima , Japan nuong World War 2.


At lubhang naapektuhan ang mga probinsya na malapit sa epicenter gaya ng Bohol , Cebu , Siquijor , Negros Occidental , Leyte , Ilo-Ilo at marami pang iba .

Maraming gusali , establisimyento at mga kalsada at imprastraktura ang iginuho ng nasabing intensity 7 na lindol .

At ang nakakalulungkot ay ang pagguho ng mga makasaysayan at tourist spot na mga lumang simbahan sa Bohol at Cebu na hindi nakaligtas sa lupit at bangis ng lindol .

Idagdag pa ang daan - daang namatay mula sa trahedya at libu-libong nasugatan at milyun-milyong ari-ariang nasalanta ng nakakagulantang na paglindol .

Sana huwag namang mangyari ang ganito kagrabeng senaryo dito sa Metro Manila at mga karatig-probinsya lalo pa at mayruon ding malapit na fault lines dito partikular ang West Valley Fault Line sa ating lugar ng sibilisasyon.

Tiyak na marami ang maaapektuhan at magdurusa.

At this point and hour in time , only God can help us !

Let's pray without ceasing then and ask for His divine intervention.

And let's also help our fellow kababayans at this time of grief and sadness .

Amen !

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kiray Upgraded

Bagamat super late na ang post na ito ukol sa gandang hindi mo inakala ng panget na si Kiray Celis ( he he he ) puwede pa rin namang ihabol.

Sabi nga nila , it is better late than never . At sabi pa nila , huli man daw at magaling, late pa rin ha ha ha .

Dagdag pa nila , ang pagsisisi ay laging nasa huli . Awttsss , out of context na pala iyon  he he he .

Anyways , ang galing lang talaga nitong si Ateng Fanny Serrano at ang mga panget napapaganda ( peace sa mga fans ni Kiray , kung meron he he he )

Biro mong ang babaeng ka-level nila Bakekang , Betty La Fea at nung babae kapag hindi nagsusuot ng Blusang Itim ay napaganda ni Funny Fanny na mala-Diyosa ang dating huh.

Ano kayang magic meron ang mga brushes at make-up kits ni Tita Fanny at anong mga strokes ang hinagod niya sa mukha ( kung mukha nga itong matatawag  ) at ganito kaganda ang lumabas na aura ni Kiri Kiray.

At saan bang School of Beauty nag-aral iyang si Fanny nang sa gayon ay makapag-enroll din ang mga taong gustong gumanda kahit papaano .

Oh kaya naman ang mga panget diyan ay huwag nang mag-alala dahil may pag-asa pa kayo ha ha ha.

Uy may naririnig akong sumasabat . Baka ang ibig ko daw sabihin ay may pag-asa pa ba kami ha ha ha .

Ako kaya mapaganda pa din ni Tita Fanny ?

Ah ewan , heto na lang nga ang mga picturakas :

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why would I swap my old car for a FOTON ?

Hmmm , let me count the ways :

I will swap my old car for a FOTON just because...

F - means having a FASHIONABLE and FRIENDLY designs with each car models that FOTON comes up with .

O - is for OUT OF THIS WORLD  latest systems in car technology every FOTON car is equipped with .

T - is for TOP OF THE LINE models FOTON is offering for you to choose from .  

O - is because they OUTSMART other car manufacturers by simply having the latest in technology and engineering craftsmanship.  

N - is for its NEVER BEFORE SEEN innovations that comes with  each and every car models.

For these reasons alone , you can have all the right to visit  their homepage at  FOTON   to know more about the company and their products plus other exciting offers and deals waiting for all the car lovers out there .

With this comes an event that will surely blow your mind away .

Come and join Foton’s Big Show 2013′s Grand Launch at the World Trade Center on October 25 and witness the launching of the new FOTON VIEW, the 1st dancing wheel loader in the Philippines. Get a chance to trade-in your old vehicles from October 26 to 27 and avail of BIG DISCOUNTS and BIG REWARDS when purchasing FOTON vehicles at the event. 

Receive amazing giveaways just for coming and you get even more when you attend their forums and trainings. 

This comes all  with no entrance fee!

But wait , there's more .

FOTON is also inviting you ,  your friends and your families to register and attend the test-drive at the Foton’s Big Show 2013 by simply registering  here: 

Because of  this test-drive event , you can experience the feeling of driving the most elegant , safest , durable and trend-setting cars of  today and the next century.

So what are you waiting for .

Head up for the biggest event this year in the wonderful and exciting world of  cars and vehicles .

Mark the date on your calendar and be a part of this amazing grand show and rev up your ride  with your dream FOTON cars all  the way to your home and your own garage.

So  it's a date on  OCTOBER 25 at the WORLD TRADE CENTER .

See you all there !

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fashion Show Laughtrip

Nakakatawang panuorin ang collection na ito ng  mga trippings ng mga Fashionista while strutting down the catwalk .

Havey na havey .

Panuorin dito ang mga Fashionista Laughtrips:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Selfie Etiquette 101


Selfie is a newly coined term. If you like taking snapshots using your smart phone or tablet and sharing them on social media, you’re probably familiar with the word. Chances are some of you might have taken your share of selfies or know people who do. 
According to Digital Trends, last month, the Oxford Dictionary formally included the word “selfie�? in its database of acceptable English words. For those who are not well acquainted with the term, selfie is a self-portrait taken with a smart phone, webcam, tablet, or some other gadget and uploaded to a social media website such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Modern technology has substantially changed the way people take photographs. We have certainly come a long way from cameras that require film to operate and long waiting period for photos to be processed in a digital lab.

Taking selfies has become a very popular habit that transgressed the state of being a mere fad. Since the end of 2011, more people have become interested in taking selfies and posting them online. A selfie giveaway is when you see the person’s arm holding out the camera. Others use a mirror to take a picture of themselves.

Some say that selfie is now a way of life or part of our culture.  People from all walks of life have jumped into the selfie bandwagon. Ordinary citizens, students, professionals, celebrities, athletes, politicians, businessmen, media men, and even religious figures have yielded to the clamor of selfies. In fact, no less than Pope Francis himself has experienced being part of a selfie.  Many people were in awe when the news came out that Pope Francis posed for a selfie with young Italian pilgrims in St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City last August 2013. That was a momentous event in the history of social media. The photos went viral and the people called it the first ever “Papal selfie.�?

People have different reactions to selfies. I guess it’s either you love them or hate them.  Some claim that sharing selfies on social media is a form of getting validation from people through actions such as liking or sharing comments. I personally don’t find another wrong with selfies. In fact, I have my share of selfies. 

Here are some reminders when taking selfies. If there are table manners that have to be followed when dining, appropriate conduct also applies when taking selfies. 

Practice selfie manners

pope selfieSafety first - Traffic can be horrendous especially when it’s pouring cats and dogs and streets become flooded.  Weekend paydays and mall sales can also contribute to road congestion and turtle-like traffic pace. Accidents can also result to bumper to bumper traffic. Some people stuck in such situations have found a way to amuse themselves and that’s taking car selfies. It’s simply taking self portraits inside the car while the vehicle is parked, on a temporary stop, or while moving. Passengers and even the drivers themselves can take car selfies. There might be little or no risk when you take a car selfiewhile the car is parked. However, a driver taking a car selfie on a red light or worse, while the car is moving can be dangerous.  Word of caution to drivers, always keep your eyes on the road. It’s best to reserve self portraits when the car is on a full stop or parked safely.  Never compromise your safety for a mere photo.

Appropriateness of the location - Be considerate when taking selfies especially in sensitive locations or situations. For instance, it might not be appropriate to take a selfie with a backdrop of a deceased person (such as in a wake or funeral), accident, or scene of a crime. The Guardiancited the unbecoming behavior of a kid making a thumbs-up gesture in front of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin.  Another unsuitable selfie mentioned was that of a guy smiling in front of a burning house. Three years ago, some insensitive people posted selfies with a backdrop of the bus used during the Luneta bus hostage taking incident. Be considerate and discreet when taking pictures. Don’t take a snapshot if there’s a possibility of offending other people.

Keep it at a minimum Like many other things, the key to selfie is moderation.  Taking selfies and sharing them on social media a few times a week is alright but bombarding the timeline of your friends with four or more selfies on the same day may not be something that everyone will appreciate. Resist the urge to share every little detail about you.  I don’t think your friends will be interested how you cut your nails or brush your teeth.  There are also photos not fit for sharing to the world and best left for your eyes only.  For instance, refrain from taking scantily clad selfies. Decency is still important in this modern world. You don’t have to flaunt to the world how sexy you are.

No to selfie monopoly – Make it a point to post other photos aside from selfies.  You don’t want your friends and followers to think that you have a hopeless case of narcissism.  An article on The Weekrecommends 1:8 ratio of selfie to other photos. If your Instagram account is purely selfies, it is likely that your followers will lose interest and unfollow you.

Be careful of what you post – It might be fun to take selfies but think before you post a snapshot of yourself. Avoid posting a selfie that can put you in an uncomfortable situation. For example, don’t post a selfie taken at the beach on the day that you told your boss that you’re taking a few days off because you have the flu.  Take note that selfies have the potential to be incriminating in certain situations.

Don’t look stupid on purpose– Don’t give other people an excuse to make fun of you by posting ridiculous selfies. Enough with the duck lips! It’s an overused pose that many people find annoying.  Avoid taking selfies when you’re sick or drunk.  If you’re going to take a selfie, might as well make an effort to look good. Give your best smile and take that shot.  Post pictures that you can be proud of and not the other way around.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

half rice please

It's a welcome respite na may naghain ng panukalang batas na obligahin ang mga food establishments like restaurants , carinderias at lalo na ang naglipanang mga fastfoods na karaniwang hindi nagbibigay ng half rice na order sa kanilang menu .

Ngayon ay ipagbabawal na ito at obligado na silang magbigay ng half servings ng kanin sa kanilang mga customers.

Tama lang naman ito para sa akin dahil maraming kanin at bigas ang nasasayang kapag hindi naubos ang isang order ng kanin na isini-serve nila .

Tuloy ay itinatapon lang sa basurahan at napapanis.

Para tayong nagtatampo sa bigas na nagdudulot ng kamalasan sa buhay.

Tandaan natin na bawat butil ng bigas ay mahalaga at bawat butil nito ay sangkaterbang pawis , dugo at luha rin ang  ibinubo bago maisalang sa kaldero at ihain bilang kanin sa ating mga hapag-kainan .

Kaya't dapat nating pahalagahan ang bawat butil ng bigas na ating isinusubo.

Kaya't hala pirmahan na at ipasa na ang batas na iyan

Ngayon na at huwag nang magpatumpik-tumpik pa .

Nang sa gayon ay hindi na masayang at maitapon ang mga butil ng bigas na lubhang kailangan natin .

Now na !

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

Somehow I get to like the melody and the lyrics too .

Revolting but powerful.

But minus the twerking and tongue-outing he he he he .

Video here:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Real UnliCHAT Experience with Globe’s GoUnli30

Okay talaga itong Globe's GoUnli30 because it gives me real UNLICHAT experience everytime I need it .

Saan ka pa ba makakahanap ng ganitong klase ng call and text bundle for 1 day kundi sa Globe lamang .

Biruin mo ,
  • With GoUNLI30, subscribers get unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited calls to Globe/TM, and unlimited chat with the best messaging apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and the telco’s very own messaging app GMessage without the need for Wi-Fi or additional data charges. Available for only P30 valid for 1 day, GoUNLI30 gives you no excuse to stay out of the loop and connect with more than 1 billion users around the world regardless of mobile network or location.

Oh debah naman , ' san ka pa ?

Kaya naman :

  • Go all-out unlimited with GoUNLI30 and UNLICHAT25 now. Register by dialing *143# and then choosing GoSAKTO on your Globe mobile phone or texting GOUNLI30 or UNLICHAT25 to 8888

Kaya para sa mga call and text addict diyan at mahilig makipag-chat like me , mag- GoUnli30 na and start calling and texting and chatting your friends unlimited for 1 day  .

Cheers !

Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's Time - Imagine Dragons

LSS ako ngayon dito sa kantang ito.

Kakaiba ang beat at melody .

Try to listen here :

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ang mga " TAE " sa Ayala

Sinadya kaya ng reporter na tawaging" TAE " ang mga raliyista ?

O baka naman natatae na ang reporter kaya iyon ang nabanggit niya ?

Anu't anuman , taeng tae na kami sa isyu ng Pork Barrel Scam na iyan !

Taena naman oh!

Dito ang blooper :

Friday, October 11, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Who should be slaughtered first ?

Pork Barrel Scam pictures coming from my OFW friend in Saudi Arabia Donn Paras Canlas.

Updated siya sa mga kaganapan sa ating bansa even though malayo siya sa atin.

At nalulungkot siya ng sobra dahil sa mga kawalang-hiyaang mga kaganapang ito na yumuyurak at kumukulapol sa ating Inang Bayan !

Sobra , kahit sa ibang bansa daw ay apektado ang imahe ng ating mga kapwa Pilipino na nagtatrabaho duon.

Ang tingin daw ng mga foreigner sa mga Pilipino na nagtatrabaho duon ay puro mga magnanakaw , gahaman at corrupt !

Pwe, nakakahiya kayo !

Etong sa inyo !

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ang Liham

Para sa aking tahanan ,

               Alam ko pong nag-aalala na kayo tungkol sa aking kalagayan .

               Hayaan po ninyong ilahad ko sa pamamagitan ng liham na ito ang pagkakasunod-sunod ng mga pangyayari sa aking buhay kung paano ako humantong sa ganitong kalagayan.

1.) Bumalikwas ako mula sa mahimbing na pagkakatulog . Dumadaloy ang butil butil na pawis sa buo kong katawan - sa noo , sa leeg , sa dibdib at braso - halos umaagos na parang gripo ang ga-munggong mga pawis sa aking katawan. Nagising ako mula sa isang masamang bangungot . Inaninag ko ang kapaligiran . Wala akong makita. Ang buong paligid ay nababalot ng pusikit na kadiliman. Walang ilaw . Wala rin akong kasama sa aking kuwartong kinaroroonan. Ako'y nag-iisa .

2.) Nangangatog ang aking mga kalamnan . Dali-dali akong bumangon . Tinunton ko ang kinaroroonan ng gripo . Sumalok sa baso ng malamig na tubig . Tinungga ko ang laman niyon . Dumaloy ang  nagyeyelong tubig sa aking lalamunan. Sandali akong nahimasmasan . Inalala ang nagdaang kadiliman. Ngunit wala akong maalala . Ayaw kong alalahanin .

3.) Saglit kong tiningnan ang orasan . Mag-aalas singko ng madaling-araw . Pihadong naghihintay na siya Tuliro kong hinagilap ang palikuran . Naligo pagkatapos. Nagbihis . Nagsuot ng damit pang-eskwela . Gumayak patungo sa eskwelahang aking pinapasukan. Habang naglalakad ako patungo sa sakayang maghahatid sa akin sa eskwela , nanunuot sa aking kalamnan ang  malaming na simoy ng hanging marahang humahampas sa kapaligiran.

4.) Nang makarating ako sa tarangkahan ng eskwelahan , nanduon na siya , naghihintay . Tila ba bagot na bagot sa paghihintay  sa aking pagdatal . " Ano ba , ang tagal tagal mo naman . Kanina pa ako dito ah . Ano ba'ng nangyari sa iyo  ? "  sunod -sunod niyang litanya. " Hinintay ko munang makaalis sila Papa at Mama bago ako pumunta dito . Mahirap na baka mahalata nila ako ."  " Ganuon ba . O sige halika na , alis na tayo dito . Handa ka na ba ? " " Oo naman . Matagal ko na itong pinag-isipan at pinaghandaan . Gusto ko nang sumama sa iyo ." " O tara na . Ano pang tinatayo - tayo mo diyan . Game."

5.) Siya si Eric . Ang aking kasintahan . Ngunit lingid sa inyo . Hindi ko pinaaalam dahil alam kong magagalit kayo kapag nalaman ninyong may boyfriend na ako . Kayat lihim kaming nagkikita . Nagtatagpo sa mga bawal na lugar. Nagniniig sa mga lugar na tanging kami lamang ang nakakaalam.

6.) Sa paglipas ng ilang buwan , nagbunga ang aming pagmamahalan. Isang sanggol na lalaki ang naging supling namin. At pansumandali kaming nagsama sa iisang bubong.

7.) Ngunit habang lumilipas ang panahon , unti unti kong nakilala ang tunay na pagkatao ni Eric . Isa pala siyang tamad at walang silbing lalaki . Halos sa buong maghapon ay ang mga barkada niya ang kaniyang laging kasama. Maghapon silang tumatagay at nagsusunog ng baga. Kapag sumapit ang gabi ay saka lamang niya maiisipang umuwi. At maghahanap ng makakain sa aming hapag. Kapag wala siyang makita , ay sisimulan niya akong saktan . Susuntukin sa sikmura . Tatadyakan sa likod . Sasabunutan habang hinahampas ang ulo sa poste ng upuan. Ginagawa niya ito habang umiiyak ang aming maliit na sanggol . Ganito na lang palagi . Halos araw-araw. Walang patlang .

8.) Wala akong magawa. Tila ba nakakulong ako sa isang hawla . Hawlang kinakalawang . Puro sugat , pasa at paso ng sigarilyo ang buo kong katawan . Nanlilimahid na ako sa dumi  dahil hindi ko na kinakayang linisan  ang sarili kong katawan. At ang aming anak ay laging kinakabag dahil sa maghapong kaiiyak. Hanggang sa hindi ko na matiis ang lahat .  " Lalaban na ako ", sabi ko sa sarili ko . Titigilan ko na ang pang-aaping ginagawa niya sa akin. Tama na . Sobra na . Sagad na ang pagtitimpi ko . Ngayon na ang katapusan niya.

9.) At katulad ng dati , gabi na siya dumating . Naaninag ko ang orasan sa pader , alas - dose ng hatinggabi .  Muli niya akong hinanap . Pasigaw na may pagdadabog . Sumusuray sa sobrang kalasingan. " Isabel , nasaan ka bang hayup ka . Putragis ka , lumabas ka . Wala na namang pagkain , tang - ina mo ka!. Nasaan ka ba ? Magpakita ka , hayup ka !"

10.) At mula sa kadiliman , sinalubong ko siya ng dala kong matalim na kutsilyo. Hindi niya ako nakita mula sa pinagtaguan kong kabinet .Inundayan ko siya ng saksak. Ulos dito , ulos duon . Hindi ko tinigilan . Hindi ko tinantanan . Para akong nagkakatay ng baboy . Nanlilisik ang aking mga mata .  Para akong asong nauulol . Tumutulo pa ang laway ko habang ginagawa ito . At nang makita kong wala na siyang hininga, saka lamang ako tumigil. Ngumisi ako . Natuwa sa aking ginawa. Napagtagumpayan kong katayin ang halimaw. Nakita kong nagkalat ang kaniyang laman-loob sa aming kuwarto. Tibtib ng dugo ang pader ng aming tahanan. Naglipana ang ibat-ibang parte ng katawan ni Eric sa buong silid . At muli akong ngumisi . Ngisi para sa aking kalayaan .

11.) At naalala ko ang aming sanggol. Dali dali ko siyang pinuntahan sa duyan kung saan ko siya iniwanan.  Tahimik na natutulog ang aking anghel . Daglian ko siyang dinakot ng aking duguang kamay . Kinalong sa aking magkabilang palad . Tinitigan ang walang malay na nilalang . Dumako ang aking kamay sa kaniyang leeg. Pahigpit nang pahigpit ang pagkakasakal ko . Umingit ang bata . Nagpupumiglas . Ngunit wala siyang nagawa sa higpit ng yakap ko . At walang buhay ko siyang idinaiti sa aking dibdib . " Patawad anak ko . Subalit walang kwenta ang mabuhay dito sa mundo nang  wala ako sa piling mo . Patawad " At saka sila dumating .

12.) Naabutan nila ako sa ganuong posisyon  . Binitbit nila ako at kinaladkad. Kitang kita ko ang pagkasuka sa kanilang mga mukha dahil sa naabutang eksena .  Diring diri sila sa krimeng aking ginawa. Ang hindi lang nila alam ay ito ang pinakadakilang obra na nagawa ko sa buong buhay ko . Dapat pa nga ay maging proud sila para sa akin. Ngunit dinala nila ako . Sa isang kuwarto . Sa isang kuwartong may apat na sulok lamang . At may nag-iisang kama sa tagiliran . At ito ang nagsilbing tahanan ko hanggang ngayon.

13.) Nandito ako ngayon sa kuwartong ito . Mag-isa . Nalulungkot at nalulumbay . Walang kasama . Nanghihinayang sa nangyari sa aking buhay. Kung nakinig lamang sana ako sa inyong mga payo sa akin. Para sa aking kabutihan , sabi ninyo . Nunit hindi . Mas sinunod ko ang pita at layaw ng aking laman . Kaya't heto ngayon ang kinahantungan ko . Nagdurusa. Malungkot. Nag-iisa .Umiiyak. Naghihinagpis.

14.) Kung nakinig lamang sana ako sa inyo nuon pa , disin sana'y magkakasama tayo sa iisang bahay . Sa ating nag-iisang tahanan.


Siyanga po pala , mayruong mali sa pagkakasunod-sunod na puntos ng aking liham na ito . Dapat po ang pagbabasa ninyo ay simulan sa number 3 , 4, 5 , 6, 7, 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 ,13 ,14 tapos ay  1 at 2 . Dapat po ay panghuli ang 1 at 2 .

Dapat po ay ganuon ang pagbabasa ninyo .

Huwag kayong mag-alala , babalik din ako sa ating tahanan.

Nagmamahal ,


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Saranggola Blog Awards 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

Devina Dediva's racial slur

 Here's one for Devilna Evilpa.

Your racial slur have made you headlines .

But in the first place , what's wrong with being a maid ?

Nothing for sure.

If not for those maids who were cleaning your bowl , it will become rotten and will become smelly just like your stinking bad ass and breath .

Whew !

Who shall now be considered as uneducated by making these irresponsible comments?

In fact , you are !

Sunday, October 6, 2013

3 Girls Crushed to Death a Poor Puppy

Nakakabahala itong kumakalat at viral na video ng tatlong babae kung saan ay kanilang salit-salitang inapakan hanggang sa mamatay ang isang kawawang tuta .

Crush Video ang tawag dito na isang uri ng sexual perversion kung saan ay naga-gratify sexually ang mga may pakana nito sa pagpatay sa isang uri ng hayop sa pamamagitan ng pagtapak o pagtuntong sa mga ito.

Karaniwang ginagamit para dito ay mga bata at menor de edad na mga babae .

Dapat ay mapanagot sa batas ang mga may pakana ng very disturbing video na ito .

Gayundin ang tatlong babae na pumayag na maging kasabwat sa krimeng ito kapalit ng pera .

Heto ang litrato ng nasabing tatlong kriminal :

Heto naman ang embed video ng nasabing kamalasaduhan : Viewer discretion is advised

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy World Teacher's Day 2013

Today is World Teacher's Day .

And it's time to honor them by this funny he he he .

Laugh laugh din 'pag may time mga dakilang guro .

Friday, October 4, 2013

Mark Joseph Solis - Tito Sotto wannabe

Ang lakas namang makahawa nitong si Senator Tito Sotto sa pagiging top notch plagiarizer .

Agad agad at walang preno.

Tuloy at madaling naimpeksyon ang isang 22 year old  UP student na si Mark Joseph Solis at may-I-copy-paste ang drama sa kaniyang isinumiteng entry para sa 2nd Calidad Humana National Essay Photography Competition. ng Chile Embassy .

Ang winning entry pala ay mula sa isang Gregory John Smith at may original title na " Neptune , King Of The Sea "

the supposedly winnning entry

Oh well !