Saturday, May 20, 2017

English or Metric System ? - Robby Tarroza

Facebook post of Robby Tarroza :
May foreigner na nagtanong sa akin kung English o Metric system ba tayo.
Ang sagot ko: If you ask me my height, I’ll answer in feet and ­inches. But if you ask me how far my house is from here, I’ll answer in kilometers.
Ask me my weight, I’ll answer in pounds. But if we buy meat, it’s measured in kilos.
If we buy ice cream and paint, it’s in gallons and pints but if we buy petrol, it’s in liters.
Electric wire is sold by the meter in hardwares but fabric is sold by the yard.
Lots and houses are measured by square meter but the tiles and television you’ll put in there are in inches.
Swimming pools here are very confusing. The length is measured in meters but the depth is measured in feet.
Same with softdrinks, it’s sold in liters and ml but we also have a 12 oz. bottle.
Plus we have our own system of measurement: old newspaper is sold by the dangkal, text cards are counted by syllables and flood is measured by body part (ie, waist-deep).
So, I’m not really sure what system we’re using here.

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