Monday, October 24, 2016

“#FreeTheJoy with Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Christmas Flavors”

I really just love chocolates .

When it comes to chocolates , I lost all the sanity I am keeping with just a mere sight of a bar of chocolate. 

I go insanely  gaga when I indulge in one of this sweet concoctions.

Sweet tooth is my middle name actually.

And when it comes to chocolates , one name only pops up in my head.


And they have a good news for us chocolate lovers.

CADBURY DAIRY MILK  is coming up with three new  variants in limited edition for this coming Christmas season namely Black Forest ,French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse.

And that’s what I call , PARTY PARTY !

And I have liken these three new variants to my loved ones. 

Because you know ,my love ones , just like me , also love CADBURY DAIRY MILK.

First of all the CADBURY DAIRY MILK BLACK FOREST is like my Mother with her smooth sense of love for me.  The CADBURY DAIRY MILK BLACK FOREST ,with its celebrated textured sweetness has added real chocolate cookies and red jellies that makes it crunchy and chewy just like my Mother who always make my life easier and bearable by offering extra sweet  caring and pampering when I got home from work.

Second variant is the CADBURY DAIRY MILK FRENCH VANILLA which I have liken to my bestfriend Rommel which is full of surprises. Rommel is really fond of surprising me with his adorable gifts that pops up suddenly and unexpectedly just like the CADBURY DAIRY MILK FRENCH VANILLA   that is filled with  a mouth-watering French Vanilla Cream that suddenly surprises you when you eat it right to the center .

And the third offering is the CADBURY DAIRY MILK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE has a richer chocolatey taste which I have  liken to my  sophisticated sister Liza . CADBURY DAIRY MILK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE has a light and airy chocolate flavored cream enveloped in classic milk chocolate shell just like my sister who is delicately compliant when it comes to eating.

I am very much elated that these three great  CADBURY DAIRY MILK flavors are finally back with a vengeance.

You can now buy it at your favorite store and supermarkets especially this coming Christmas Season.
Indulge yourself with these three variants from CADBURY DAIRY MILK and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas now.

CADBURY DAIRY MILK BLACK FOREST , CADBURY DAIRY MILK FRENCH VANILLA and CADBURY DAIRY MILK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE are available in 180g packs for a suggested retail price of 180.00 only.

What are you waiting for , hurry now and get all the flavors because it is only available until supplies last.

#FreeTheJoy this Christmas with CADBURY DAIRY MILK !

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