Thursday, September 22, 2016

Readers Digest Contribution (Anecdote)

It was a pitchblack night. My friend and I were busy searching for my missing “ false teeth “ that I had  accidentally thrown out of the window of my house after cleaning and brushing it. It was thrown out in a very dark alley. With the help of a flashlight , we were desperately looking for the sorry dentures out in the alley. Sometime later , our neighbor Fred came and asked what are we searching for. My friend had a bright “ idea “ . He told Fred that what we are searching for was an 18 karat golden ring that my father gave to me. He added that “ your father would be very angry to you once he knew that you have lost the golden ring “ . He also said that the ring was worth 15,000 in pesos. So there we are , the three of us searching in the wide alley for my “ missing golden ring “ . After an hour of futile search, me and my friend decided to leave to go to the market to fetch some food because we were already hungry. Our neighbor stayed in the alley still searching. After an hour we came back with the food in tow. Alas , we were aghast to learn that our neighbor Fred was still there in the dark alley with his miserable flashlight looking and searching high and low for the “ missing 18 karat golden ring “ that my friend had told him. Of course we knew the truth . We just laughed it all off and call it “ The Night of the Missing Ring “ .  

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