Friday, August 26, 2016

Readers Digest Contribution (Anecdote)

I was going to do an assignment  at a mall located in a province that I am not familiar with . As I ride a bus going to the province , I asks the driver if he knew the mall I am looking for. He replied that he knew how to get to the  mall . He said that  he will drop me off at a tricycle terminal  and that I should asks the tricycle driver to take me to the mall . After an hour  , the bus made a halt and the driver shouts at me to get off  and that I should hail a tricycle at once to get me to the mall  . I looked for a tricycle and I see one and hailed it.  I asks the tricycle driver  if he knew the mall that I am looking for . The driver said he knew it very well .  I asks  how far it is . The driver said " it is very near "  . I asks how much will be  the fare  . He said " 60.00 only  " That amount is unusually high for a tricycle fare  . But I obliged because I don't have any option . " Okay just take me there quickly " I said.  And so  I ride the shortest ride I ever had in my life . The tricycle just drove across the road and voila in no more than 1 minute we were in front of the mall because it is actually standing  just right in front of us . I was in shock . I was duped . The  driver never told me so. Maybe the bus and the tricycle driver  were in cohorts.  Nevertheless I still paid the driver the amount he asks me to give him.

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