Sunday, June 5, 2016


There’s a really cool cool place worth visiting in town.

And we were treated there to a frozen night.

Rommel and I were treated at the Kiss The Ice Liquid Nitrogen store located in Recto Avenue corner Legarda Street right at the center of the so-called University Belt.

It all happened courtesy of Mam Kat Sablayan , the Marketing Manager and Ms. Ruth Saromines , the Store Supervisor of Kiss The Ice store.

The concept of liquid nitrogen is originally from Korea and made its way here in our country thanks to the owners of the store which hails from Korea.

They bring the concept here in The Philippines to share with the Filipinos what they love back in their country.

Thus the foundation of the first  Kiss The Ice store in June of last year 2015.

And it's fast making its way to the heart of the Filipinos.

We all know that Nitrogen is a gas and to turn it into a liquid it has to undergo some process.

Liquid nitrogen is much much colder than the usual ice. To give you an idea it has a temperature of
-195.79 and you can just imagine how cold and freezing is that .

In fact there are some warnings on how liquid nitrogen  should be handled or treated.

What’s so unique about this store is that it has a “ glow in the dark “ feature.

What they have done is that they added some “ glow in the dark “ properties on their products and in their surroundings too.

Do not worry because they have told me that even though they are adding some glow in the dark bits on their products , they are not dangerous if only for a little amount.

Their products are first , the Monster Puff priced at 119.00 per order which actually are Korean Chips and can be dipped at the liquid nitrogen only for a few seconds before you eat this so it has that cold or freezing flavor and will taste more crispier.

Then there’s the Nitrogen Ice Cream at 149.00 per servings in various tasty flavors.

There are some offerings that has a “ glow in the dark “ bits to intensify the look of the product.

For the drinks with glow in the dark are with the following flavors of Pink Lemonade ,  Blue Lemonade and Malunggay Citrus.

For ice cream with glow in the dark bits are available in various flavors too.

So for a new , unique and fun experiences in liquid nitrogen and glow in the dark formulas you can go and flock to the Kiss The Ice store in Manila. They are open from Monday to Saturday from 11 AM until 9 PM and on Sunday from 11 AM til 8 PM .

We’re told that because of their being unusual they were already featured in some shows like Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, Unang Hirit , Swak Na Swak , Aksyon TV atbp.

For more informations about this cool place you can go to their Facebook page at Kiss the Ice Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Mendiola .

They are surely the talk of the town nowadays.

So don’t be late and go to the latest cold and frozen idea in your neighborhood.

Thanks again to Mam Kat and Ms. Ruth and the staff for experiencing to us the way how to  Kiss The Ice and we enjoyed every moment of it.

And we literally Kiss The Ice.

Thank you very much.

#KissThe Ice #LiquidNitrogen

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