Friday, February 13, 2015

FREELANCER.COM Valentine Ideas


Freelancer's Valentine Gift Ideas!
Say it with love: Freelancer's Valentine Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day gives romantics in the world a reason to celebrate love in grander, sappier, and more meaningful ways. This year, are you going for red roses and a box of chocolates? Again? BORING!

Enough of the commercialized gifts that are too generic and expensive! Nothing says "I love you" more than a personalized, creative gift! Jazz up your Valentine plans and come up with something that's created just for your significant other. That special person in your life will appreciate it that much more.

Get a Personalized Gift Made
A Picture is Worth 1000 Words! Get Something Illustrated!
Can't find the right words to say? Illustrate them through a pop-art portrait of the love of your life, custom wall art featuring the place where you first met, or a personalized desktop wallpaper.
Hire an Illustrator
Custom Designed
Valentine's Day Card
Got something to say but feeling a bit shy? Send them a custom Valentine's day card designed by a talented Freelancer.
Find a Graphic Designer
Personalized Poem
for Your Sweetheart
It might be an old-fashioned idea but words are eternal and so is love. For only $15 USD/hour, you can hire a poet to craft your Valentine poem.
Find a Creative Writer
Animate Your Own
Love Story
If you really want a Valentines day to remember, create a touching animation of your love story. #BestGiftEver. We promise.
Find a Talented Animator
Feel like these ideas are a little bit cheesy?
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