Monday, December 8, 2014

Bulakeñas Sari-saring Kakanin

I have seen this store in Baguio City which sells different kinds of native delicacies or kakanin.

The Bulakeñas Sari-saring Kakanin.

Just from the look of it , busog ka na.

Tingin pa lang malinamnam na eh lalo pa kaya kung tikman at kainin mo.

They only have two stores, one in SM Baguio and the other is in SM Rosales.

They sell each kakanin for 10.00  every slice.

Iba-ibang flavors ang puwede mong pagpilian :

Bibingka Balatinao

Bibingka Cassava

Bibingka Malagkit

Bibingka Ube

Sapin Sapin

Royal Bibingka

Marble Bibingka

Creamy Cassava

Ube Gratin

Tikoy Pinoy

And that's why I have bought a box of six bilang pasalubong.

So when you're in Baguio , don't forget to drop by at their store.



  1. Wow, packaging pa lang very enticing na. Mukha talagang masarap. Very affordable pa.

  2. Thanks Edgar Pontalan for your blog of our product. Merry Christmas and God bless you.