Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Zion Wi-fi

Zion Wifi is a company that offers free wifi access at your site may it be in an office or business settings.

What happens is that they will  install a special gadget at your preferred site and then , voila , you now have a free wifi access right at your own backyard.

This is good for those company who owns a large area or lounge for their customers  so that their patrons would have free access of wifi right at their own area.

The benefit  would be that many customers would like to flock  at a site that has free access of wifi.

Plus there will be a good impression upon the customers because of the free wifi access.

As how one of their people puts it :

" Zion WiFi is a safe, secured and family friendly social marketing hotspot that wants to close 

the gap between business and customers. Instead of requiring the customers to input 

passwords and usernames, we want to make wifi free for the public by simply liking/following 

venues' fanpage on social media (tweet not included)

A like and a follow mean a lot more for the business since the system will then provide 

customer database and report that can be use as basis for intelligent business decision and 

even let businesses send personalized rewards and incentives to customers using automated 

vouchers. As for the users, ZionWiFi provides a publicly available but safe, secured and easy 

to access WiFi.

Though we may work for households, we strongly recommend to use wifi to venues that want to 

promote and interact to their customers to perform its purpose.

Every customer that wants to use the WiFi must Like, Tweet or Follow to get internet access. 

If they’ve liked your page or came back, they would be asked to post an optional message that you composed. 

You can then redirect them to a website of your choice from Review Sites (e.g. TripAdvisor, Zomato, MunchPunch), Online Features (WhenInManila), Your Website, Contest, Menu etc., whatever page you wish. "

Here is how Zion Wifi will actually work for you

That's as easy as 1 2 3

For more information visit their website here Zion Wifi  

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