Saturday, November 1, 2014

R.I.P. Juan Flavier

In time for the November 1 All Saints Day commemoration is the untimely passing of one of our great leader in the Senate and of  The Department of Health.

Senator Juan Flavier.

He is just 79 and died from multiple organ failure secondary to pneumonia.

He is greatly remembered for his slogans  " Yosi Kadiri " for his anti-tobacco campaign ," Let's DOH It " as the chief of The Department of Health and " Oplan Alis-Disease " for his work to eradicate diseases that are plaguing poor Filipino families.

He is also  well-known for his Doctor To The Barrios program of  sending doctors to the rural areas to help in the people's immediate medical needs.

Senator Juan Flavier is truly admirable as one of those few government officials  whose lives are honestly dedicated in serving the poorest of the poor and marginalized sector.

May he rest in peace.


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