Thursday, November 13, 2014

Crazy Yeti revisited

For my 2nd time visit in Crazy Yeti foodcart store inside the 4th Floor of Santa Lucia East Grand Mall, I have discovered new and exciting offerings.

They have added new 2 flavors namely :

The Brownie Sasquatch and the Madame Blueberry for 27.00 each Little Foot sizes.

Plus they have a new product called Cookie Monster which are two cookies sandwiched with a flavorful center filling.

Now you can have all of these tasteful flavors in just one store.

Because at Crazy Yeti ...

Wait there is more.

They have these promos especially just for you :

So what are you waiting for , grab one now.

And I wanted also to thank owners Aria and Faye Chelabian for this wonderful gift for me.

Isa lang ang masasabi ko.

Sarap mag-dessert basta may Crazy Yeti.

Smile : )


  1. Di ba yeti yun yung monster daw na ninirahan sa himalayas at yung sasquatch naman ay yung taong-unggoy also known as bigfoot? Anyway, ang cute ng mga names lalo na yung Madame Blueberry, ang vakler lang. hahah.

  2. korek ka jan Anon Beki ... apir tayo jan ...