Sunday, November 2, 2014

Authority Hoodie

I have met two girl entrepreneurs Nicole Ortiz and Kristell Lim  at the recently concluded Blogapalooza 2014.

They are the force behind the Authority Hoodie online store that  sells what else but , you got it right , hoodies.

They design all the hoodies that are on sale on their online store.

Hoodies are nowadays  a fad in fashion.

It starts to arouse peoples  attention because of its ingenuity and practicality.

You get a two in one because aside from the attire you also have a hood protection for your head from either the heat of the sun or the water from rains.

Authority Hoodie  have a vast collections of hoodie designs available on their website.

So if you want a quality , affordable and uniquely designed hoodies visit their website here Authority Hoodie

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