Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10 Facts About Me Challenge

I have accepted this challenge :

10 Facts About Me Challenge
State 10 fascinating and interesting facts about yourself and then tag it to 10 people.
Here is mine :

1.) I am partially colorblind. ( kaya black and white lang nakikita ko he he )
2.) I have a book published already. ( naks , sikat )
3.) I have failed the subjects Math and YDT six times when I was in senior high school. ( grabe , you're such a loser )
4.) I have a 20/20 vision. ( ang linaw kasi ng malaki kong mga mata )
5.) When I was a budding teenager I used to frequent moviehouses and watch movies 3 times a week. ( addict sa sinehan at pelikula )
6.) I can bake a puto and puto pao. ( kaya I am a certified Putotoy )
7.) I have already joined several game shows like 1 versus 100 , Pinoy Bingo Night , You And Me Against The World , Who Wants To Be A Millionaire , R U Kidding Me and just recently Let's Ask Pilipinas. ( balato naman diyan )
8.) My favorite foods are Chinese dishes like dimsum , siomai and any kind of pansit. ( pero 'di naman singkit mga mata ko )
9.) I do not eat banana and eggplant , promise ( but I eat saba huh )
10.) I have not yet traveled outside of The Philippines as of this date. ( hu hu hu wawa naman me , any sponsor ? )
And now I tag this to 10 people.
Be ready to accept the challenge!


  1. Grace Briones WindhausenOctober 1, 2014 at 11:04 PM

    banana and eggplant talaga ang di mo kinakain kuya ah..hehehe..

  2. Evie Briones AlanoOctober 1, 2014 at 11:05 PM

    ako din mel di din ako kumakain nyan...

  3. Kuya wala ako maisip na 10 facts about me. Hehe. Very open naman kasi ako eh. Kaya alam na ng buong mundo buong buhay ko! Hahaha

  4. Mary Joy Briones LopezOctober 1, 2014 at 11:08 PM

    Lol. Ntwa dn ako sa certified pututoy..haha. happy birthday in advance kuya..