Friday, September 12, 2014

Jori's Leche Puto

Nakilala ko ang isang entrepreneur at may booth sa ongoing exhibit ng SM Masinag sa ground floor nito si Mam Joan Pinatacan.

Siya at ang kaniyang asawang si Richard Pinatacan ang may-ari ng Jori's Leche Puto.

Jori being a combination of Joan and Richard's name.

Nope , hindi po kayo minumura ni Mam Joan he he he.

Leche means milk in Spanish.

Leche Puto is actually a combination of Leche Flan and Puto. Joan says it originates from Tiaong Quezon.

Simply put , isa siyang bite sized puto na may leche flan sa ibabaw.

It sells for 10.00 apiece.

And it comes in 6 flavors.

According to Joan , Vanilla is the first flavor they have come up with.

But the bestseller is the yema flavor and happens to be my favorite too.

Hmmmm, yema so yummy!

Other flavors are :




 Plus they also sell bite sized Puto Pao at 12.00 apiece.

According to Joan they will add more flavors as part of their longterm plan for their store.

Actually this is their first time to venture into a mall business.

Dati ang kanilang negosyo daw ay may kinalaman sa processed meats. They are also joining different bazaars in the country just to sell their homemade processed meat products.

This Leche Puto business came as a surprise.

When the management of SM Masinag asks them to join their exhibit  , they were told to come up with a unique business concept.

And the idea of  Leche Puto pop up into their mind.

And the rest is history as they say.

She said that they plan to have a small foodcart inside the SM Masinag hopefully by December this year as the sale of their Leche Puto is getting higher and higher as time goes by.

They also plan of putting up foodcart in different malls in Rizal by next year.

At least this is a good start for them , she says.

With the help of her husband and her brother , they are surely to become a pioneer in Leche Puto business someday.

She says that as early as 4:00 in the morning , she wakes up everyday just to bake her favorite Leche Puto to become available for sale in their stall.

A box of Leche Puto with 6 different flavors inside costs 60.00

While a much bigger box with 12 flavors inside costs 120.00

Kung gusto mong makamura , mayruon silang discount na ibinibigay para sa mga bulk orders and wholesalers. They also accept wholesale distributors and suppliers

For more information you can just simply call Mam Joan directly at her cellphone number at 09272130908.

Or you can visit their stall at the ground floor of SM Masinag to take a bite of their much sought after Leche Puto offering.

See you there : )

Smile and enjoy.

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