Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Crazy Yeti

There's a new craze in town and it's all about the Yeti.

No , we are not being invaded by an alien looking creature coming from the snowy cold planet from afar.

It is all about the new foodcart concept that goes with the brand name Crazy Yeti that is capturing customers curiosity inside the Santa Lucia East Grand Mall located in Cainta.

This little kiosk that is selling what they call Ice Cream and Mousse Cakes is , according to the owners , their original idea of food combination.

I have met this young couple inside a cozy cafe store in the mall and they are exuberant and joyful in telling me how vibrant and exciting their first store endeavor was doing inside the mall.

They said that this is their first venture in the foodcart concept inside a  mall because they have started firstly as a delivery and retailing home based business.

The names of the couple are husband and wife team Aria and Faye Chelabian.

They have said that they started this business as home based located in Mandaluyong City just last year.

After a struggling but nevertheless fruitful year , an acquaintance asks if they would like to put up a foodcart for their business inside a mall and they agreed to it.

And the rest is history as they say.

Now they are doing very very good in terms of sales and brand recall among the customers.

Crazy Yeti , as Aria explained how it came to be , comes from where they reside which is Mandaluyong City which is the hometown of the Mental Hospital .

Of course that was just a humorous banter coming from Mr. Aria ( nice one Sir  : )

Actually , Crazy is because , simply put , it is the newest craze in town .

People are just going loco or gaga about this new food concept.

And Yeti is because of the legendary Abominable Snowman which is a strange and legendary creature coming from the cold and frozen region of The Himalayas.

Put it together and you'll have the idea of a brand new delicious food that will truly satisfy your hungriness for food curiosity.

As one of their company motto generally puts it,  " It's Not A Party , Without A Yeti "

For the record, they have these following flavors for you to enjoy :

Chewy Chewbacca - their bestseller is named after the Yeti-looking creature in the Star Wars film series.It has a 2 layers of cakes with cookies and cream and a hot fudge.

Mocha Madpie - go mad with these layers of cakes topped with cookies and coffee flavors.

Insane Banana - insanely captivating banana flavors of ice cream cakes.

Mangolomania - you will be manically captured by this mango flavored cakes.

Nuts Rival - go nuts with their latest version of sanz rival with chocnut, cashew and peanut butter.

Berry Quinn - this time it's a strawberry flavored cakes that will keep you going insane all the time.

Shelf life is between 3 weeks to a month if frozen.

They boasts that it has no artificial preservatives and it is less-processed because they are using brown sugar as a sweetener.

They have 4 sizes for the packaging and their corresponding price are as follows:

Little Foot ( good for 1 person only)          

20.00 ( Mocha Madpie , Insane Banana , Nuts Rival )
23.00 ( Chewy Chewbacca , Mangolomania )            
25.00 ( Berry Quinn )

Sharing Size ( good for 2 to 4 persons )  

120.00 ( Mocha Madpie ,Insane Banana , Nuts Rival )
140.00 ( Chewy Chewbacca , Mangolomania )
150.00 ( Berry Quinn )

Family Pack ( good for 8 to 10 persons ) 

420.00 ( Mocha Madpie , Insane Banana , Nuts Rival )
490.00 ( Chewy Chewbacca , Mangolomania )
630.00 ( Berry Quinn )

Party Pack ( good for 15 to 20 persons )

600.00 ( Mocha Madpie , Insane Banana ,Nuts Rival )
700.00 ( Chewy Chewbacca , Mangolomania )
970.00 ( Berry Quinn )

For the meantime, it's just six flavors . 

But don't you worry because they will be adding more flavors in the future.            

What's more is that they are giving discounts for volume orders and wholesalers too.

In fact , you can order these goodies at TwoAnyone ( 212-1212 ) and they will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Plus some freebies like a free Crazy Yeti and an umbrella if your order is worth 2,000.00 and more. 

As for their future plans , they are foreseeing to put up 7 kiosks and 2 dine-in stores in a span of  2 years.

And the part of franchising is not far from their foresight also.

For more information , visit their website and Facebook page here :  Crazy Yeti

Or you can also contact the owners thru their cellphone numbers 0922-831-9443.

So what are you waiting for , let's get the party going  with a Crazy Yeti.

Just always remember ,  " It's Not A Party, Without A Yeti  ".

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