Sunday, September 28, 2014

Aegis BPO Malaysia viral ad belittles The Philippines

I have seen this video ad of Aegis BPO belittling my country The Philippines.

I just can't help to wonder why would this BPO company would resort to an advertisement that would belittle another country in which they also have a site.

I have become a part of Aegis People Support here in The Philippines where I was assigned in their Ortigas Center  branch for a ramp season schedule in connection with their 1800flowers account.

No bad memories for this BPO site in Ortigas, only good ones.

And now this news.

Now they are in the center of the news receiving bashes and negative comments from the netizens.

Which makes me sad for my former company.

And made me missed my fellow co-workers there especially Mam Ghek ( hello there Mam )

Anyhow this viral video was made by Aegis BPO Malaysia and has nothing to do with Aegis BPO in The Philippines.

Watch the viral video here:


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