Saturday, August 30, 2014


As one Neil Sedaka song bluntly puts it " and my world is getting smaller everyday "

This is how I can relate why technology is making our world every bit smaller as each day pass.

I remember just an eon years ago , that I could not help thinking how big the world is because it is hard for us to communicate with our beloved Father being away from us on the other side of our world.

The only way of communication is through the snail mail as they say.

But as time pass by , I have seen how technology have changed our own perception of how big the world is.

Todays technology permits us to communicate to even the most far-flung places in the world , be it on the highest mountain or even in the deepest ocean of the world.

You can actually see the place and the person on the other side of the world or be able to talk to them even when they are on the farthest places in the world.

And not only that,  because nowadays it is very possible  even when you are out in the gravity-less space.

It all had become possible because of the invention of the most sophisticated and most advanced machine in the universe , The Computer.

Thanks to Charles Babbage for inventing one.

But yesterdays computer are so big and large they will occupy a studio type room just to be able to accommodate and use them purposely.

But with the onset of microchips , it had solved the problem of  bringing home the computers and making it more portable and handy.

Because of the power of the smallest microchips inside most computers this day , all had become virtually possible.

And today , the generous and thunderous claps may be given to Steve Jobs of Apple Company for he had invented one of the most ingenious gadgets the world had ever seen.

It is the Ipad Tablet Series.

Beginning with Ipad 1 and now with its latest version of Ipad Mini with Retina.

It had made computing evolved into becoming more convenient and accessible.

With today's technology you can almost do all the seemingly impossible tasks simultaneously with other works that you have.

You can call your mom while busy updating status with your friends.

You can check you email while listening to your favorite song.

You can do your assignment while watching a movie on the side.

You can calculate. Meditate. Memorize some lines and lyrics.

Play your favorite games.

Watch shows , videos and concerts.

Learn and teach all the available knowledges in the world.

Participate in a discussion or a forum.

Almost all the things you wanted in life in just one sitting.

What with the advent of  Ipad series of mobile computing.

 And that's what I call genius!

That is why in my latest caper inside SM Cyberzone , I can't help but wonder and stare when can I have my own  Ipad Mini with Retina within my grasp.

So that I can no longer be so beyond and backward when it comes to mobile computing and the latest in technology.

For me , Ipad Mini with Retina is the one and only one.

It suits whatever your needs are in the area of  mobile computing.

So if you agree with me , go now to the nearest SM Cyberzone and grab yourself a technologically advanced gadgets and paraphernalias that will suit your fast-paced lifestyle nowadays.

You can visit these  SM stores with Cyberzone for all your needs when it comes to the latest in technology.

And what more , they are in sale today until August 31, 2014.

Get yours now at the SM Supermalls’ Cyber Month Tech Sale !! 

Just like me when I have headed to Powermac Center in SM Santa Rosa Laguna to take a look at these beautiful Ipad tablets on their demo counters.

selfie with SM logo

Powermac Center in SM Cyberzone

can't wait to get a hold of these 

gotta bring them home 
Now everything is possible.

Who knows , in the future ,we might get closer to other beings in the Universe through the power of mobile technology.

And possibly , to God .

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