Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup Finals

It's final and official , after the much publicized FIFA World Cup Finals is over and all the dust has settled to the ground , Germany won the title 1 - 0 in favor of the former over Argentina .

Many said that it's also a rivalry between the former Pope Benedict XVI
Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger ) from Germany and Pope Francis ( Jorge Mario Bergoglio ) which hails from Argentina.

But of course , we all know that it's just a hearsay.

This is actually a repeat of their rivalries from the year 1986 and 1990 finals.

The key players and heroes are Lionel Messi of Argentina  and Thomas Muller of Germany.

For all the stories and facts about the Finals , click it here : 2014 FIFA World Cup Final

Congratulations !

Now that it's over and done , move on na mga kapatid .

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