Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Obama in Manila

Barack Obama is in the house.

Finally , the revered Obama visited and landed in Manila last April 28 and 29 , 2014.

They say that the Eagle has landed and met with the Bald Eagle ( President Noynoy Aquino ) he he he.

It is said that , The Eagle ( Barack Obama ) was welcomed at the airport by several personalities in the Philippine politics like Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa , Vice Prsiedent Jejomar Binay and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas .

Question : What kinds of eagle are these three Philippine personalities?

May I say that Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa is the Gold Eagle.

Vice President Jejomar Binay can be the Pygmy Eagle or maybe a Black Eagle.

And DILG Secretary Mar Roxas might be the Monkey Eating Eagle ( because he can probably eat those monkeys(?) at a recent golf club altercation )


Enjoy ; )

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