Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dare To Defy - AXA

An article from AXA Life :

Dare to defy

Dear Edgar,

Are you truly enjoying your life?

No matter how often you read #YOLO - “You Only Live Once” in social media, its essence can only be experienced in real life. Are you able to live life to the fullest, dare to get on fresh adventures?

Making the most out of life doesn’t always require much money or resources. Here are a few things to help heat up your journey through life. Carpe diem!
1. Change your hairstyle drastically! 

    Cut or color, if you look different, 
    you’ll also likely feel different!
2. Eat a new dish

    Challenge your olfactory system 
    and try a dish from your neighborhood 
    Persian resto. Or go for something 
    more exotic like Pampanga crickets.
3. Share a seat in a café
    And don’t just stare in space. 
    Speak to the person next to you. 
    But be careful not to be overly 
    aggressive or solicitous lest 
    you get escorted out by the guard.
4. Call a friend

    Not the one you regularly meet 
    but the one whose company you’ve 
    always enjoyed but haven’t seen 
    for years.
5. Sing before the mirror

    How long has it been since you 
    practiced the Greatest Love of All 
    for graded singing? Admit it – 
    you enjoyed seeing yourself singing
    in full costume! Go do it again!

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  1. You made me smile with this letter to yourself:)
    Only the pictures wont appear on my phone:(