Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Mind Museum

If I were to pick one gallery from the main five galleries that is located inside the Mind Museum in Taguig , I would definitely pick the Universe Gallery.

Mind Museum is one of the many product presenters at the recently concluded Blogapalooza Event 2013 held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura.

Mind Museum is not your average museum that you get to visit during your field trips when you are in your  elementary or high school days.

Mind Museum is way different and unique  than those old , creepy  and boring museums are. 

Unless you get to make those animal and people exhibits in those museums to  come alive like in the movie Night At The Museum starring Ben Stiller.

But of course you gotta have an awesome divine power to resurrect those things to make it come alive and real .
Thus making it more exciting , fun filled and thrilling to watch.

But here at the MIND MUSEUM , you don't need a power to do just that.

It will offer you a surefire way that  will unravel the mystery and adventure come alive in front of you .

And will have you begging for more.

Mind Museum  has a wide and varied selections of several attractions that will amaze you if you get to visit the site which is located in Taguig City .

As its name suggests , it will surely baffle your mind .

And like the mind , it is very intricate ,complicated and full of mysteries .

Among the five galleries , which are  ATOM , EARTH , LIFE , UNIVERSE and TECHNOLOGY ; I am much more fascinated by the Universe Gallery.

It is because I would like to know more about our own universe in which we belong .

I would like to experience its vastness and unlimited space in which you can find  mind boggling phenomenon like the passing of a shooting star or a comet . And answer riddles like how does a giant  star dies .

I would like also to know how hot actually is the sun ?

Or maybe I can get to steer a Mars Rover .

And much more thrilling experince that I will surely cherish in my lifetime.

So what are you waiting for , come and visit the MIND MUSEUM and experience a once in a lifetime adventure ride outside the world and into the  whole universe .

For more details and ticket reservations you may call 909 - MIND ( 6463 )

See you there !

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