Sunday, December 30, 2012

Things we didn’t know about Dr. Jose Rizal


Rizal Day is a Philippine national holiday commemorating the life and works of José Rizal, one of the Philippines' national heroes. It is celebrated every December 30, the day of Rizal's execution at Bagumbayan, now known as Rizal Park, in 1896. Commemorate the execution of national hero José Rizal by Spanish colonial authorities on December 30, 1896.

Things we didn’t know about Dr. Jose Rizal:
(1) He didn’t take a bath for a month. Rizal was once invited to a New Year’s potluck party where he was assigned to bring champagne. He did not like the idea, throughout the merrymaking he just lectured everybody and advised against drinking, gambling and womanizing then he stood up and says “inabonohan niya lang” and request everybody to pay their share of the champagne bill. They thought it was a joke till Rizal passed his hat around. Rizal survived on Php50 a month in Europe, and he once wrote his sister Maria in December saying that he had not taken a bath since August, because it was “really expensive”.
(2) Rizal once won the lottery. Not only was he extremely gifted, Rizal was incredibly lucky too. According to the First Filipino , while Rizal was exiled in Dapitan, he won Php6,200 in the lottery with ticket number 9736. He used half to buy some land and sent the rest to his father.
(3) Rizal had psychic tendencies. Once Rizal’s dreams mirrored the future. One such dream was the one he had on December 30, 1882. According to the book Rizal Without the Overcoat, Rizal wrote in an entry in his journal date January 1, 1883: “(Two nights ago) I had a frightful nightmare when I almost died. I dreamed I was imitating an actor in a scene which he dies, I felt vividly that my breath was failing and I was rapidly losing strength. Then my vision became dim and dense darkness like that of nothingness overpowered me: the anguish of death…” Disturbingly, Rizal was executed on the same day 3 years later.

Be like Rizal? Or just be yourself and express what you really feel, telling others the truth behind all the lies is not a crime but it’s the key to open others mind to things that they don’t know.

Giving achievements or awards with our country name in it is a heroic act, you just don’t give medals and trophy you give honor to our country.

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