Monday, December 31, 2012

Things to do before New Year’s Day


New Year’s Eve the last day of the year, is on December 31. In many countries, New Year's Eve is celebrated at evening social gatherings, where many people dance, eat, drink alcoholic beverages, and watch or light fireworks to mark the New Year.

Things to do before New Year’s Day:
(1) Choose your event wisely Specially when you are looking for a cool and awesome party but you end up on a boring and not-so-cool party. You can organize your own party with your parents and tell them your ideas so you can welcome the New Year with a smile in your face.
(2) New Year's Eve is dressy, not fancy-dressy No rabbit ears, elephant trunks, hats with lights, hats with horns, tinsel scarves, giant 2011-shaped glasses or masks of any kind. Don't, in short, go out of your way to look a fool.
(3) Wherever you go, don't wear your new Christmas coat Chances are you'll never see it again. New Year's Eve tends to be one of those nights when retiring party-goers are content to go home wearing the first coat they find that looks vaguely like the one they went out in – it's black, it's got buttons, it must be mine! The person who took your coat will leave one behind that looks vaguely like yours, but you'll have to wait all night to find out which one it is, and it almost certainly won't be as nice.
(4) Pace yourself This isn't just about alcohol. The problem with New Year's Eve is not that it ends so late, but that it begins too early. If you start with a glass of champagne at 4pm, you may well find your interest in the whole new year's project flagging by 11pm.
(5) Don’t drink too much You will miss the best part of the night if you try to vomit and feel sleepy because you drink too much, its better to stay awake and eat all you want because tomorrow is another year and forget all the bad things last year.
(6) It's OK to cry Bursting into tears at a normal dinner party is generally taken as a sign that you're having either personal problems or a bad reaction to your medication, but on New Year's Eve it's considered perfectly normal, so feel free.
(7) Make no resolutions until tomorrow, or possibly the next day A lot of people regard tonight as the final deadline for new year's resolutions. Don't be cajoled into making any hasty announcements about quitting smoking, taking guitar lessons or being more socially committed, especially if it's just for the sake of joining in. Last-minute resolutions are often impractical and undesirable.

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