Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bright Ideas for All Saints' Day


All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are an integral part of many a Filipino family’s annual calendars, particularly for the Catholics and Christians who make up approximately 85% of the population.
While All Saints’ Day is a special day to commemorate the saints in heaven, All Souls’ Day or Araw ng mga Patay is an occasion that is more “close to home.” On this day, Filipinos remember their dead loved ones through prayer and by offering flowers.
It is also often an occasion for relatives to get together, thus it is a tradition that must be passed on to our children not only to teach the value of prayer but also to foster close family relations. From Smart Parenting (home & living)
Here are some ideas to make your family’s commemoration of All Souls’ Day more meaningful:
(1) Offer up prayers and masses. This is probably something most of us are already doing.
(2) Offer flowers and light candles at the cemetery. This is another common practice among Filipino families.
(3) Revisit photos and videos of your deceased loved ones. Instead of focusing on the sadness of their passing though, rejoice in the fact that they have returned “home” to heaven (or if you believe in purgatory, at least they’re halfway there!).
(4) Make a family tree with your kids. Indicate which family members have passed on (e.g. a certain Lolo or Tita so-and-so) and recall fond memories that you have had with each.
(5) Have a “letting go” ceremony. This is especially ideal if an immediate family member has just recently passed away (e.g. earlier this year).
(6) In contrast, have a simple celebration to commemorate LIFE. If our deceased loved ones could speak to us from their graves, they would probably have a common message for us: “Celebrate life and make the most of the life that we’ve been given.”
(7) Map out your family’s “vision and mission” statement. The sad reality is many people who have passed away may not have even been able to discover what it is they were “meant to do” on earth.
Remember to focus on the fact that life on this earth is only temporary, and what is important is how we cultivate love, faith and hope – because when we do this in our own families, we end up making the world a better, brighter place for all.
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