Friday, November 30, 2012

Bonifacio Day 2012


Bonifacio Day is a national holiday in Philippines to celebrate the birthday of one of Philippines national hero, Andres Bonifacio, on 30 November 1863. Andres Bonifacio led the struggle of Filipinos against Spanish colonialism through Katipunan movement in 1897. Nowadays, Andres Bonifacio is called as “father of the Philippine Revolution” and “father of Katipunan” due to the service he gave to the Philippines during the battle against Spain.
Here’s what you can do to become a hero. (by moralheroes)
(1) Educate Yourself Learn about the world around you. One thing you will notice about our heroes is that they value education. Often their interest in understanding the people and world around them involves earning degrees at universities.
(2) Have Compassion Practice loving others. The main difference between a hero and a villain is often their concern for others. Putting other’s needs before your own is humbling and requires conscious effort and delicate balance.
(3) Network Become a leader at sharing ideas and dreams. Rarely does a hero accomplish anything significant alone.
(4) Find Inspiration Study your past heroes. All heroes learn from the wisdom of others. Often their inspiration comes from former heroes. Many times inspiration came from parents or wise mentors who encouraged them to be bold and take action.
(5) Prepare to Sacrifice A strong commitment often requires deep personal sacrifice. The major difference between an altruistic person and hero is usually their conscious effort to give up something so that others can be better off. To be a hero you may have to risk losing your free time, social status, your economic advantage and wealth, your comfort or security, or even your life. You are going to have to give up something personal to achieve something greater.

We also hope that someday you will be one of our heroes!
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