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10 Most Shocking Celebrity Sexcapades

From : MSN website


Hulk Hogan gets sexy time with best friend’s wife

Sure, best friends share everything and keep secrets. Bet Hulk Hogan has a lot to say to that, eh? Caught doing the deed with the estranged wife of his best friend [American radio host Bubba the Love Sponge, who reportedly gave Hulk the blessing to do it] while he was still married [to ex-wife Linda Bollea], the sex tape leaked online early this month. “The Hulkster” is now fuming mad claiming (in an interview on Howard Stern show) that he “had no idea the love-making was being taped”. Seriously dude, that’s not the point. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child from affair with housekeeper

To have an affair is bad enough. But when the mistress turns out to be the family’s maid of 20 years, who also bore Arnie a love child, apparently just days after ex-wife Maria Shriver gave birth to their youngest son – and kept it a secret for almost 14 years, that’s appalling beyond words.


Edison Chen embroiled in Asia’s biggest sex scandal with over 1,000 raunchy photos

Tons of lewd photos showing the pop idol in compromising positions with at least half a dozen women leaked online after staff of a computer repair shop stole it from his laptop when he sent it for repair. The list of females included celebrities like Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung and Bobo Chan. Arguably Asia’s biggest sex scandal, it became such an internet sensation that Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen had to flee to Canada to avoid death threats.


Colin Farrell’s homemade sex tape with Playmate gets messy

With his bad boy charm and reputation for hard-partying, it’s no big deal that Colin Farrell once made a scandalous sex tape with his former girlfriend, Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain in 2003. But then, rumour has it that Colin’s pubic hair got stuck in Nicole’s teeth while she was giving him the B-job...eww. The tape was leaked online in 2006 which Colin claimed it was Nicole’s way to “make money out of it”. We’re just glad this former hell raiser traded his chaotic past for fatherhood.  


‘Monster’ R. Kelly accused of child pornography and taping his sexual acts

Labelled a “monster” by netizens, R. Kelly was once accused of illegally marrying his then-protégé-and-now-deceased Aaliyah when the latter was only 15 years old after knocking her up. On top of that, he was accused of carrying out sexual intercourse and urinating on his god-daughter — who was 14 at that time – from a sex video which was released online in 2002. He faced 14 counts of charges for the production of child pornography and videotaping his sexual acts, but was eventually declared not guilty of all 14 charges in 2008 due to the lack of evidence.


Mackenzie Phillips’10-year-long sexual relationship with musician dad John Phillips

This is one heck of a messy – and incestuous – relationship between father and daughter. American actress-singer, Mackenzie Phillips, had sex with her musician father, John Phillips (from The Mamas & the Papas), on the eve of her first wedding in 1979, when she was 19. She claimed that it all happened under the influence of drugs and that the sexual relationship between them – which spanned for a total of 10 years – was a “consensual” one. Due to her history of drug abuse and mental illnesses, Mackenzie’s tell-all in 2009 was cast with doubts by family members who remain divided over its authenticity.


Woody Allen’s semi-incestuous relationship with girlfriend’s daughter

We can’t decide what’s worse about Woody Allen’s borderline incestuous relationship with Mia Farrow’s (his then-girlfriend) daughter, Soon Yi  Previn -- the fact that he bedded her behind Mia’s back, or the fact that he conceived a baby with her. His romance with Soon Yi was discovered by Mia when she found nude photographs of her then-20-year-old daughter in Woody’s possession. After Mia and Woody went separate ways in 1992, the respected comedy writer continued his relationship with Soon-Yi and the couple’s relationship is still going strong today.


Uh, what’s that on Ke$ha’s (aka Kesha) body?

Raunchy pictures of the TiK ToK hitmaker covered in, uhm, semen, reportedly made their rounds on the Internet in 2010 although they were strongly dismissed by her representative. The alleged nude images of a blonde hair lady who strikes an uncanny resemblance to Kesha were first reported on Internet with the headline, “Photos of Kesha having sex have leaked online!!”. The explicit photos were supposedly taken from a sex tape made by singer which has been rumoured for a while. 


‘Mini-Me’ aka Verne Troyer’s self-made sex tape with ex-girlfriend, Ranae Shrider

Like all other celeb sex tapes that got unwittingly leaked on the internet, this racy homemade video by the ‘Mini-Me’ actor from Austin Powers teeters on the lines of disgusting and disturbing. Despite that, Kevin Blatt, the guy who brokered the deal for Paris’ sex-romp video, expressed interest to package and sell the video for US$100,000 (S$122,040). Verne initially filed a US$20m (S$ 24.4m) lawsuit against Kevin and two other parties, but eventually dropped all charges after they signed a non-disclosure agreement with him.


John Travolta hit by gay scandal

Till today, no one knows if the claims filed by the two male masseurs were part of a grand plan aimed at tarnishing John Travolta’s family man image. Previously bogged by gay rumours in the 1990s, the award-winning actor’s sexuality was put under the spotlight again when these two masseurs claimed that John made a pass at them during a massage session, and sexually assaulted them. The entire hoo-ha eventually died down in May this year after the two masseurs withdrew their lawsuits, one after another.

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