Saturday, October 6, 2012

Teacher's Day


How much do you appreciate your teachers?
Philippine education wouldn’t be completed without the very patient and dedicated teachers. They are the one who serves as a bridge and link between learning and the children. They make the hard to understand things as simple as ABC and 123.
At some point, a lot of issues are rising about the teachers and students relations. Some students were considered to have their teachers fright. Maybe they are worried that they might be getting scolded without their assignments, wrong answers and more. However we can also consider that there will be also a whole lot of thing for you to appreciate and get closer with your teachers!

Say Goodbye to a Terror Teacher Mindset, here are your 5 great ways to appreciate teachers: Gratitude All Month Long!
(1) Send out a press release: Press releases are simple and free. Write up a letter from the class or school and send it to the press for all the community to see. Send a picture of the teacher or of the teacher with his or her students with the press release.
(2) Prepare a meal: Take turns with some other parents bringing in breakfast or lunch for the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.
(3) Send a note of gratitude: Take time to write something really special.Teachers appreciate your words of support. Site specific ways that they have helped your children or family. You might think that “everyone” will send a note of appreciation—but many won’t. Be the person who provides a heartfelt thanksto a favorite teacher. You can even send a free e-card!
(4) Personalize t-shirts or coffee mugs: Take a picture of the class or have the children make a special collage and get it transferred onto a shirt or mug for posterity!
(5) Before or after-class surprise: Bring in muffins, a cake, or pizza before or after class so that teachers can enjoy a special well-deserved treat.
Teachers make the little one counts!
Wouldn’t it be great if your friends and loved ones also knew about it? Make your own way of appreciating your teachers campaigns! Share this to your friends right away! If you have loved it, Im sure they will love it too…

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