Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Bundle from Mc Donalds

An announcement from Mc Donalds :

Nothing beats quality time with friends
and family. In today's day and age, when
everyone's either on their smart phones or
glued to the computer, seldom do we get to
have face time with the people who matter.
So we rounded up some ideas to create
bonding moments:

Hold a DVD marathon.
Pick a TV series you've always wanted
to watch, then round up the barkada for an
all-night viewing fest!

Have game night.
When was the last time you played a board game? Challenge family members to a
round of Monopoly or Pictionary!

Play Truth or Dare!
Stuck in the office for yet another overtime session? Make break time more fun
 by playing a friendly Truth or Dare!

Whichever bonding moment you choose,
make it even more special by ordering a McDonald's Happy Bundle! All Happy Bundles
are good for four people, and come with fries
and soft drink. Pick between a burger bundle
or chicken and spaghetti bundle. What's more, you get to save over Php 200!

So create your bonding moment now!

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