Saturday, September 8, 2012

World Literacy Day

From : Jollibee Kids Workshop

Children today were getting much more involved with different activities. This behavior also includes the unnecessary habits and activities such as online gaming and many more. Because of these, your child may tend to lose their focus toward schooling and related matters.

For a long time, people working on literacy and education were mostly looking at enrollment rates; the emphasis was on getting more and more kids into school. Recently, a big question has risen, which is: Are they learning?
Studies have shown that many children are going through the school system but still cannot read.
For example, a 2007 study in 4 sub-Saharan African countries showed that the percentage of children in Grade 2 (aged 7 or 8) that had achieved basic reading comprehension was 0%, 4%, 11% and 11%. Pretty disturbing, right? According to youthink worldbank.

YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW! We know how much you value your Child’s education and you should be the first person to pursue your child’s learning’s.

Here are your 5 Tips to help your child love reading (by Samantha):

(1) The Early Bird. The love of reading needs to be learned. To this end, start them early. Even before they can read, read to them. No child is too small to be read to.
(2) Time and Space. What do the experts say? Location, location, location. Set up a special “Reading Nook” for your junior reader to make the activity one that is seen as both fun and exciting. It doesn’t have to be fancy: it can be a selected corner in the living or family room, or a spot in the child’s bedroom. Try adding a special comfy chair, a small table and a lamp. Watch your child take to their space with a good book and a vivid imagination!
(3) Make it Fun. There are some great reading-related games and activities that you can provide for your kids. Some examples include reading-related board games (e.g. junior Scrabble, Boggle), age-appropriate crossword puzzles and word-searches. Online and digital options are available as well (think apps, kids reading sites, etc.). Explore the landscape and when you’ve found some options, share them with your children and watch them flourish!
(4) Support their Habit: Kids need to feel the support of their interests from the ones they care about most: their parents. Show the love and show them how important you feel about reading. Give books as gifts, give your kids their own reading lamp or book light clip, start a child-focused book club with your child and their friends. They will be so much more likely to embrace reading if they feel that their parents are behind them 100 per cent.
(5) Technology is Your Friend. If your kids play on the computer, why not use it to your advantage? There are some great reading programs and activities online. Do some research and allow your child another method of reading, as an added option. If you use an e-reader or iPad, let them use it sometimes as well, by loading on some age-appropriate content for them to explore.

Wouldn’t it be great if others parents like you know about this?
Make these tips more possible by having a companion in acquiring this!
You too can share this to your co parents and friends!
If you have loved it, I’m sure they will love it too!

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