Tuesday, May 1, 2012

10 Tips To Be Happy At Work

At dahil araw ngayon para sa ating magigiting na mga Manggagawa , ise-share ko ang message na ito sa akin ng Jollibee Kiddie Workshop :

Celebrates economic and social achievements of workers. The first Labour Day celebrations were held in the Philippines on May 1, 1903 in a mammoth rally in front of Malacañang Palace staged by the Union Obrera Democratica (Democratic Laborer's Union), while pressing for workers' economic rights.

10 Tips to be Happy at Work.
1) Negative energy? No thanks! / We don't want bad feelings!
2) Celebrate your successes!/ You deserve them!
3)Have always fruit close to you.

4) Make a better world with your work/ and make others be happy!
5) Ask to Loli about her son/ it will be a great present.
6) Forget the ties!/Nothing must drowning you!
7) Redecorate your desk/ before-after.
8) Stay away from gossips/ Oh my god! unbelievable!
9) Doodle while you are on the phone.
10) Inspire, expire, talk.../The sun always comes out.

You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy!

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