Wednesday, May 16, 2012

10 random things about me

Dahil wala akong mai-post at medyo sopas na yata ang laman ng utak ko , 10 random things na lang about me ang ise-share ko ( as if may nagke-care he he he )

Read on kung type nyo pa he he he ( wala namang pilitan kung hindi kayo interesado sa akin   he he he )

1.) I'm partially color blind .

2.) I can stay inside the " banyo " for two hours long . Maraming " seremonyas " sa loob he he .

3.) I don't wear shoes . Sandals and slippers only . It's more comfortable .

4.) I have a very oily face  . Even after washing my face with soap taking all of the oils , in just a matter of a minute puwede mo nang pagprituhan ng itlog ang mukha ko agad agad.

5.) I have a stage fright. I get nervous and shake easily when all of the people are staring at me.

6.) I'm poor in  Math and Accounting . I even can't memorize the multiplication table . Poor me !

7.) I don't have vices . I don't smoke and drink. When occassion calls for drinking , two bottles of  Tanduay Ice would be enough for me .  Just " boy hunting " if you consider it as a vice : P

8.) I love dancing and dancers although I don't dance myself . I just love watching those who dances so well.

9.) I love singing . That's why I even bought a Magic Sing just to cope up with this pastime of mine .

10.) Before , I used to watch and go to the movie theater 4 to 5 times a week . Now I seldom go to theaters because of tickets high price he he. Only once a month , minsan wala pa !

Happy reading !

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