Friday, November 11, 2011

new definition of famous names

Lorena Bobbitt - act of cutting one's male sex organ.

Hayden Kho - act of videotaping a sexual encounter between two persons without the consent of the persons involved.

Virgilio Garcillano - wiretapping

Scarlett Johansson - sexually suggestive picture-taking of oneself in front of a mirror

DPWH Officials - act of photoshopping

SM Guards and Marshalls - dedma , walang paki

Chinese pedestrians - mas dedma , pinaka - walang pakialam

Christopher Lao - misinformed or uninformed

Mideo Cruz - blasphemous art  

Winnie Castelo - nonsense bill or law

Lito Lapid - talking in one's own dialect or language in a debate

Justine Bieber - successful video

Rihanna  - masochism

Chris Brown - sadism

Steve Jobs - product innovator or all about hi - tech gadgets

William Hung - off-key or sintunado

Lucy Torres - ideal wife

Gretchen Barretto - the other woman

Manny Pacquiao - controversial icon

Jinkee Pacquiao - martyr wife or reward giver

Kat Ordonez - in defense of one's friend

Youtube - the quickest way to stardom

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