Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If only I could travel back in time ...

If  I could be given a chance to travel back in time via a time capsule or through a time warp , I would choose to go back to the days when I was still a child .

The time when me and my family frequent a place called Luneta Park .

For every Sunday morning , we are always there present , basking under the sun inside the formerly much cleaner and safer  grounds of the Luneta Park in olden times .

Me , in those days is such an innocent , charming and carefree little boy who would love walking the whole stretch of the park and enjoying every scenery it is offering and never minding what's happening around me .

Those were the days .

And those days I would love to bring back .

The memories of my much happier childhood .

If only I could travel back in time !

The ever smiling ,  charming  , innocent and carefree child that is in me .
This is gonna be my entry for BULAKBOLERO  's photo contest about travelling .


  1. Kuya ang cute mo dito , nice talaga .
    Miss you ;)

  2. Uyy cuz Grace , musta na ? ... cute nga me nung beybi pa me ... ngayon , acute na lang he he ... miss you too sis ... ingatz lagueh!

  3. hehe. time travel pala ang gusto mo ser. hehe. salamat sa pagsali. \m/