Sunday, August 21, 2011


Naisip ko , bakit nga ba hindi .

Puwede ko namang i-share sa inyo ang hitsura at hilatsa ng former boyfriend me na si Mark.

Wala namang masama debah .

We've been together for almost three years before we parted way back in 2009.

We have shared memorable and happy moments together for three years .

But sadly , after a series of misunderstandings and fights about " someone " and " something " and " nothing ", we opt to end it all Christmas of  2009 .

That was my saddest Christmas ever.

I languished in pain and tears on that fateful day!

Those three years are full of love and devotions from me.

I know I have given all that is to give.

Literally and figuratively.

On his part , I wanted to think that he had tried to do his best.

But as the saying goes " all good things must come to an end "

After that event, I would like to say that I have already moved on.

The better part is that  we are now the best of friends .

Communication is still open .

And I think we are more better off  simply as friends than lovers.

No attachments .

No regulations.

No rules.

No obligations.

And I'm happy with it.

And contented.

For the record , he is my 4th and last boyfriend.

Sa kanya yung pinakamatagal ko .

And sa kaniya rin marami akong na-invest , emotionally and materially he he he.

Sa kanya ako tutoong nahulog at bumulusok sa pag-ibig.

Tutoo pala ano that when you fall in love , talagang bubulusok ka pababa.

But now it's over and done.

I'm not romantically involved right now.

At sa ngayon , tama na muna para sa akin ito . At kuntento na ako sa kalagayan kong ito .

Ayoko na muna nang isa pang heartache if ever.

So here's a piece of him that I would like to share with you.

Take a glimpse at the image of my ex-boyfriend and now my bestfriend:
He he ... hulaan n'yo na lang kung sino jan har har har ...


  1. waahhh cnu siya jan? hindi ko mahulaan eh.. hehe! cguro ung naka white..:P

    touched naman ako sa kwento..:(

  2. ha ha mommy razz ... di ko sasabihin if correct ka he he ... thank you po sa laging pagbisita ...