Sunday, August 14, 2011

My cousin Jeneth Briones Borreo has tied the knot with Jonathan Marentes

One of my favorite cousin on my father's side had walked down the pretty aisle last August 06 , 2011 .
Jeneth Briones Borreo exchanged I do's with her long time fiance Jonathan Marentes and became the latters wife at the solemn wedding ceremony held in Saint John Mary Vianney Church located in Marcos Hi-way  Mayamot , Antipolo City.

Jeneth is the eldest of the four children of my Auntie Loring or we fondly called Nene  and Uncle Neth Borreo.

Super bonding time with my cousins , nephews , nieces and uncles and aunties on this glorious day that we've all been waiting for .

This is just one of those rare moments where we all have the time to get together and exchange pleasantries to each and every member of the lovely Briones Clan.

To both of them , my best wishes!

Check out the pictures :

My mother and my beautiful aunties
the bride , the groom and their entourage
my large family
the entourage
mga ninong
the groom and the bride

me and my lovely cousin Grace
ang mga reyna he he ...w ith my mom at the front
the three lovely ladies , este pwera yung naka-dilaw sa lovely  he he he
my cousin Jun Jun , super payat naman ni cuz ... pataba ka he he
my brother Louie with my niece Samantha
my cousins Gil , Allan , Rey and Jun Jun
the hosts , cousins Sandro and Kuya Orly and Maricel
another set of lovely ladies he he he he


  1. Jennifer Briones de PedroAugust 17, 2011 at 11:45 PM

    Super like!

    Sa kasal ko naman po,ninang ka ha?hehe

  2. OO ba my niece ... super like ko din he he ...