Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friendster testi...

I'll just repost this first comment or testi ( testimonial to be exact ) that I got from my friend Alluring Guy. 

Hayyzz, napuyat tuloy ako sa kaka-export at kaka-download ng mga files ko dito sa FS tungo sa bagong mga server. 

Here's my first ever Friendster testi:  

alluring guyMar 14 2004, 04:48 PM
This man? You'll love him for he's a
nice communicator. Somewhat has a
sense of humor but upon words being
used differently by him, you'll really
learn something from him. He has a
very deep personality that makes his
talk a lot of sense.
He's not difficult to be with either
he's with you or not but the mere fact
that makes me know him well is that,
he has both heart and brain. He
doesn't choose friends might as well
judge a person. He has a wide and
opened arms for evryone. Kaya nga
naging kaibigan ko siya... because of
So keep up whatever it takes. Just
always remember that you should be
always proud of yourself...

Good luck & thanks for being there

Until then!

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