Monday, May 9, 2011

Once again Congressman Pacquiao did it....

And he did it again!

Ano pa bang expectation mo sa number one pound for pound king in the whole wide world.

Aba at kahit si Paris Hilton ay fan na ni Manny Pacquiao huh!

Truly he is the number one export natin abroad.

Wala na yatang gustong lumaban pa kay Manny dahil dito.

Natatakot na lahat kay Pacman dahil lalamunin sila ng buo nito much like in the computer game.

Kahit ang maangas na si Mayweather ha ha ha .

This picture speaks for itself.

Congratulations once again Congressman Manny Pacquiao.

You're simply the best....

At dahil diyan ay dedicated ko ang kantang ito especially for him....

Sing to the tune of Price Tag....

"....It's all about Manny , Manny , Manny

Who's got a lot of money money money

Pati na rin si Jinkee

At ang kaniyang Mommy

Natalo niya si Mosley, Mosley

Pati si Dela Hoya , Hoya

Kaya winner si Jinkee

Pati si Aling Diony...."

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