Saturday, March 26, 2011

I beg to disagree........

  • I want to show everyone the news media we are being presented with here in Japan. I think it's quite different from what you see on CNN and other Western news outlets. Due to the popularity of this video, I have started a new page to collect my personal ...experiences as well as release Japanese news reports about the Tsunami. Please like it to keep up to date! FIND IMPORTANT DONATION INFORMATION HERE: Note: This video was not shot by me. Although I am a cameraman, I live in Tokyo 180 miles from the disaster zone. I recorded this video from TV to pass on. It is copyrighted by Asahi TV and can't be posted on YouTube or other sites. I technically shouldn't be able to post it here, but I'll leave it up as long as I get away with it! Google streets view of where this video was shot: More
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      • Reynaldo Mago Jr ito ang ginagawa ng Dios pag ang isang bansa hindi kumikilala sa kanya ..ganito ang pagdalaw nia
        20 hours ago ·
      • Reynaldo Mago Jr sana mag silbing aral ito sa mga tao ..
        20 hours ago ·
      • Evie Alano big.....check....
        11 hours ago ·
      • Edgar Portalan
        Hmmm...I beg to disagree...sometimes we are harsh on judging other people by mistake when something catastrophic happen to them......we fail to understood and sympathize with them....and that's not what God's love is all abo...ut those who perish at Quezon City Manor fire?...those who died are all pastors and elder sisters of several churches...did God punished them too because they are wicked?... oh come on...stop being too holier than thou....let us all be considerate instead of being too critical to others...thank you...See More
        about an hour ago ·
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