Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a thought

I had this thought one night

Do gays ever get tired?

Physically and emotionally exhausted!

But come to think of it:

We are all the same

Whether you're a strong man

Who tirelessly and endlessly works for his family

Crushing his bone and pumping his muscles under the sun just to provide for his family

Nor the serene woman

Who bears a child in her womb for nine months

And then , laboring it out painfully

And then nurturing and nourishing her family's needs and support all throughout her life

But what's the difference?

The man had a woman's lap to lean on when he is tired and exhausted for the whole day's toil

And the woman had a man's shoulder she can cry to whenever she felt pain and distressed

But a gay man had none!

None to cling on when he felt alone and lonely and betrayed!

Oh it's such a pity to be gay!

Do you think so?

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