Friday, October 15, 2010

This Time I Know It's Real - Norman Saleet

Senti muna tayo.

Nahalungkat ko sa baul ang lumang kanta na ito na paboritong paborito ko magmula nuon hanggang ngayon.

Tara , senti muna tayo and reminisce with me.

closing the door,how i thought i was sure
what i wanted in my life
cutting the ties that bound both of our lives
just too blind to realize
i was chasing a fantasy
in hurting the one who'd never hurt me

this time i know its real
god only knows ive been so lonely without you
give me the chance to feel
please take me back,cant go on living without your love

day after day
i try to think of a way to let you know i was wrong
thinking maybe you'll say
things will work out ok just come back
where you belong
yes im willing to swallow my pride
coz baby how im hurting inside

repeat chorus

too long of the road
ive been down
ive been searching for one ive already found

repeat chorus

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