Sunday, September 5, 2010

My IQ test result

Dear Edgar Portalan,

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Your general IQ score is: 115

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This is the e-mail I have received when I took the free IQ test at this website.

My score is 115.

And according to Wikipedia;

"Lewis Terman, developer of the Stanford-Binet intelligence test, chose the category names for score levels on that test.

Terman's Stanford-Binet Second Revision classification
IQ Range
("ratio IQ")
Intelligence Classification
164 and over Genius or near genius
148 - 164 Very superior intelligence
132 - 148 Superior intelligence
113 - 132 Above average intelligence
84 - 113 Normal or average intelligence
68 - 84 Dullness
52 - 68 Borderline deficiency
Below 52 Definite feeble-mindedness

David Wechsler, developer of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, proposed different category names.

Wechsler's classification
IQ Range
("deviation IQ")
Intelligence Classification
128 and over Very superior
120 - 127 Superior
111 - 119 Bright normal
91 - 110 Average
80 - 90 Dull normal
66 - 89 Borderline
65 and below Defective

And based on this classification: with regards to my IQ test score of 115 ; I am a "Bright Normal" according to Wechsler's Classification , and an "Above-average Intelligence" according to Terman's Stanford-Binet Second Revision Classification.

Yeheyyy, palakpakan naman diyan! At least , normal pala ako. Akala ko Sped child ako eh he he he.

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