Monday, August 9, 2010

How to make a puto ( in pictures )

A puto in progress ( in pictures )

First is you have to mix all of the ingredients such as the flour, baking powder , sugar, water , the flavors, and other additives in a large bowl, mixing vigorously with a mixer to blend all of the parts equally.

Then after mixing , transfer the semi-solid concoction to a puto mold with the help of a spoon to a right proportion.

Then , put the apportioned puto concoction inside a steamer ready to be cooked.

Then prepare the steamer by filling it with water at the bottom, and then place it on fire for at least half an hour to be steamed.

After half an hour , it is ready to be scooped out of the mold and be transferred to a clean dish ready to be eaten. This is the final outcome of the preparations.

And now me, voraciously devouring my masterpiece , a leche flan and chocolate flavored delicious puto , made no other than by me, he he he he. Tara , kain tayo ng Puto ko.

Ito ang Puto ng Puta ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

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