Thursday, August 5, 2010


May isang Amerikanong bagong salta sa Pilipinas.

Wala siyang kakilala dito sa bansa at walang matutuluyan, maliban sa isang kaibigang Pinoy na ang numero ng telepono ay kanyang dala dala.

Sinubukan niyang i-dial ang nasabing numero.....

" Hello, this is Steven. I am looking for Joseph, can I speak to him?"

" Oh hi, Steven. This is Joseph. So you have just arrived. Where are you now located? "

" Oh yeah, I'm here at a place they call Kuhbawh?"

" Oh I understand. That's Cubao, I think. And what's the name of the street?"

"Yeah there's a sign here that says "Bahlteumehy"

"What? Whats the name of the street again? I've never heard of that name before?"

" It says here " Bahlteumehy". That's just what's on the sign."

" Okay. Maybe I'll just go there and pick you up. What's your nearest landmark so that I'll just know where to go?"

" Oh yeah. I'm near a tall building that says Nice Hotel"

" Okay, I know that place. So just wait for there in a matter of an hour and I'm gonna pick you up okay?"

" Okay"

After an hour.....

"Ah Steven, so there you are."

" Yeah, I'm here."

" So what's the name of that street again and where is that sign?"

" Oh, there, right there on the wall, it clearly says " Bahlteumehy"

" Oh no. That's not what it is. You had it all wrong. That's not the name of the street. It's a sign that says " Bawal Tumae". Translated in your own language as ' Do Not Defecate' "

" Ouch, .............not again............."

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