Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beating the summer heat at El Brando Resort

Sahara Desert hot days are here again to stay.

And what a timely coolest thing to do , is to beat the summer heat with bathing in the cool waters of El Brando resort , right at the heart of Antipolo City.

Complete with a birds eye view of the surroundings and the magnificence of the immediate environment, you can enjoy your splash in the water with just a very modest amount of money to spare.

We hike, we rappel, we ride the horse, we trek and took pictures of the perfect ambience and capture its marvelousness inside our digicam and cellphones.

Check this out!


  1. can you give a complete direction to get there

  2. ..pnu po mkpnta jan safe b ung daan pra sa jeep? And how much ung entrance??