Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mabuhay Nonito Donaire et al......

Filipinos have once again dominated world boxing through the recently concluded Pinoy Power 3 with the winning of three Filipinos led by Nonito Donaire Junior.

Pinoy Power 3 is highlighted by 5 Filipinos fighting for world boxing titles held last February 13,2010 at Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nonito Donaire Junior, nicknamed as The Flash,eventually won against Manuel " Chango " Vargas via 3rd round knockout.

Meanwhile , Bernabe " The Real Deal "Concepcion also won against Puerto Rican Mario " Principe Ponce " Santiago via a unanimous decision on their 10 round fight.

Another Filipino who goes by the name of Mark Jason " MJM Grand " Melligen also won against Raymond Gatica via TKO in Round 6.

Sadly, two Filipinos lost to their opponent , namely Gerry " Fearless " Penalosa who had lost over Puerto Rican Eric “Little Hands Of Steel” Morel and Narciso " Kid Terrible " Morales over Mexican Fernando " Cochulito " Montiel.

All in all it was an overwhelming victory for the Filipinos because our races have won and have showed the world that we are a people to be feared for inside the ring.

It only shows that Filipinos excel in the world of Pugilism having our own pride Manny Pacquiao as the number one leader in world fistfighting.

Isn't it time that Filipinos concentrate more in Boxing rather than Basketball which is a more popular sports in the country?

Just asking!

Mabuhay Nonito Donaire and're all truly our pride and glory!

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